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Hydrogen and ammonia compatible gas and diesel engine conversion kits: Hydrofuel and Technocarb exclusive.

Hydrofuel®™ Registered Trademark USA, EU, Canada

Hydrofuel®™ Trademark USA, EU, CA

Technocarb Equipment (2004) Ltd.

Technocarb Equipment (2004) Ltd.

Technocarb conversion systems

Technocarb conversion systems

Exclusive agreement for the manufacture and sale of H2 and NH3 fuel kits and conversions of hydrocarbon-fueled generators, engines, vehicles and grain driers.

Our mission to provide lower cost Green Hydrogen and Ammonia for use in existing hydrocarbon fueled and new platforms is being accomplished.”
— Greg Vezina, Hydrofuel Canada Chairman and CEO

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 17, 2023 / -- Hydrofuel Canada Inc. ("Hydrofuel"), has now entered into an exclusive manufacturing and sales agreement with Technocarb Equipment (2004) Ltd. ("Technocarb"), for the manufacture and sale of H2 and NH3 fuel kits and conversions of hydrocarbon-fueled generators, engines, tractors and grain driers, etc.

Technocarb President Dave Shea said, "We are pleased to be able to collaborate with another world leading Canadian company like Hydrofuel to enhance the hydrocarbon fuel-based engine conversion technologies we have developed and sold for decades for use now with hydrogen and ammonia fuels."

“Half of the energy of liquid fuels is currently lost between the well head and the fuel pump,” noted Hydrofuel CEO Greg Vezina. “The beauty of combining MAPS production and conversion tech for existing engines is that it lowers both the production and utilization costs – less than any conventional or renewable hydrocarbon – which will allow more industries to adopt green hydrogen and ammonia energy at a lower cost than imports. There is no question that this is a global game changer.”

On Ammonia:
Ammonia is a significant hydrogen energy carrier and is an essential ingredient in fertilizer production globally, making the combined production and utilization technologies applicable to many industrial and agricultural practices.

On MAPS technology:
One such technology is the Micro Ammonia Production System ("MAPS") technology licenced by Hydrofuel from Georgia Tech. It is being commercialized at Colorado State and provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly production method of NH3. This enables a high ammonia yield rate with unprecedented energy efficiency, decentralizes production while consuming significantly less energy than current methods.
This will enable the production, storage, transportation and utilization of low cost green hydrogen and ammonia in multiple applications, including the conversion of existing fossil fueled engines, generators, etc. using the Hydrofuel-Technocarb conversion technology, or next generation H2 and/or NH3 fuel cells, vehicles, engines, generators, or power units.

About Hydrofuel Canada Inc.:
Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Hydrofuel Canada Inc. is focused on providing low cost, last–mile Green Ammonia and Hydrogen solutions to its customers. Hydrofuel’s proprietary technologies include; MAPS and Human and Animal Waste conversion technologies for low-volume, low cost production of Green Ammonia and Hydrogen; and after market hydrocarbon fueled engine, generator, and vehicle conversion technology to use Hydrogen and Ammonia fuels. Hydrofuel has over 40 years of experience in Ammonia energy and fuel systems technologies. Hydrofuel®™ and Ammonia Solutions© are registered Trademarks and Copyrighted.

About Technocarb Equipment (2004) Ltd.:
Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Technocarb Equipment (2004) Ltd., designs and manufactures application specific alternative fuel conversion systems for petroleum and diesel fueled engines, generators and vehicles. Technocarb's conversion technologies use computer controlled, closed loop, fuel metering systems. All systems and parts packages meet the safety requirements of NFPA 52 and NFPA 58 in the USA and CSA B149.5 and CSA B109 in Canada.

Greg Vezina
Hydrofuel Canada Inc.
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Hydrofuel - Dodge Ram 3500 diesel and Ford Crown Vic gasoline multi-fuels conversions