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Benefits of Health Wearable Tech and Remote Patient Monitoring in Ukraine War Areas Successfully Demonstrated by DrKumo

DrKumo successfully demonstrated Remote Patient Monitoring and Health Wearable technology features and benefits in hostile war disaster areas.

We’ve proven the viability of this technology and capability in Ukraine, where everything worked flawlessly and seamlessly.”
— US Marine Corps Lt. COL James McBride, Retired
BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / -- In a recent press release, technology leader DrKumo demonstrated the features and benefits of DrKumo state-of-the-art Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) and Health Wearable Technology in hostile war zone disaster areas. US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel James McBride, Retired, a Veteran of 25 years and DrKumo Enterprise Systems Specialist, has returned from his deployment to Ukraine with a non-governmental assistance organization, and today is announcing great news about the RPM technology and wearable device that he brought with him.

“I brought with me to Ukraine multiple DrKumo RPM devices, such as a connected blood pressure monitor, a pulse oximeter and, of course, our newest cutting-edge wearable watch device, which measures an unprecedented amount of physiologic information that I was able to use in real-time to monitor my own health. I was also able to select which of that information I sent back to DrKumo’s secure Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework where our team of medical experts could monitor and analyze my selected data in real time! The wearable watch is made with military-grade durability (MIL-STD-810G) to withstand extreme environmental conditions that one can face in a conflict area,” said James. He added, “Combined with the DrKumo app, I was able to create and manage personal Disease Management Protocols (DMP) on the watch, which automated the collection and secure transmission of my objective and subjective health, fitness, and activity data – such as blood oxygen (SPO2), heart rate, body composition, sleep data, and even FDA approved ECG AFib detection – all the way from Ukraine to our team in California via a global network to the DrKumo Intelligent Cloud Service. I had the assurance that my data was secured with military-class cyber security and FIPS-compliant cryptographic algorithms.”

DrKumo developed the world’s first highly-secure wearable Remote Patient Monitoring solution that supports disease management protocols directly on a wearable device and works from the comfort of patient’s homes to hostile war disaster areas, combining the robust cybersecurity reference model of Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework and military-grade wearable hardware and software health technology.

“With this unique combination of technology using cutting-edge physiologic sensors and a secure global data architecture, the ability for an individual to accurately monitor their own health in a hostile environment is unprecedented. Furthermore, when a humanitarian assistance volunteer, or a military soldier, is far away from medical facilities while serving in hostile and remote areas around the world, this technology enables medical providers and leaders to monitor the health of those serving in harm’s way in real-time, which allows them to prioritize limited medical assets and basic things like food and water resupply, which is always a huge logistical challenge in hostile and remote environments,” McBride added. “We’ve proven the viability of this technology and capability in Ukraine, where everything worked flawlessly and seamlessly. The success of this employment brings to my mind how these types of devices could someday also be applied to the victims of disaster or war-torn areas of the world, many of whom have chronic medical conditions, suddenly being cut off from the medical care they were accustomed to. There is a LOT of current and future potential with this technology that we are only beginning to tap into!”

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