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Leading UK Digital Health Company Acquires Revolutionary Medically Approved Diabetes App

Infohealth/Quin Logos

Infohealth/Quin Logos

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Wearable health tech

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Infohealth Ltd, announces acquisition of Quin Technology’s patent pending, digital therapeutic application for independent self-management of type 1 diabetes

We’re moving ever closer towards a patient-led healthcare system. With wearable tech, trackers and measuring devices on phones, we have more ways to manage chronic illness, health, and wellbeing”
— Rajive Patel

More than 1.8 million people in the United States, and 400,000 people in the UK, live with type 1 diabetes. T1D is an autoimmune condition, where the pancreas can no longer produce insulin to naturally control blood sugar. Patients must take insulin to manage their blood sugar levels and avoid serious complications.

Having enough insulin is critical, as this hormone is responsible for helping regulate blood sugar levels, keeping it within a healthy range; not too high, (hyperglycemia) or not too low, (hypoglycemia).

Quin Technology’s T1D App, works with ‘Continuous Glucose Monitoring’, (CGM) wearable devices. The data is extracted from these devices and added along with other input parameters, such as dietary intake, exercise, and insulin dosing. The App's machine learning and AI engine, produce charts that show the impact of lifestyle choices, and insulin dosing on blood glucose. More importantly, it extrapolates the impact of future decisions on blood sugar levels, based on individualised data. The goal is always to help the user make confident choices when it comes to insulin dosing.

Rajive Patel, Director of Infohealth said, “A paradigm shift is taking place in the healthcare industry. With global health systems burdened by workforce issues, underfunding and inherent inefficiencies, there is an urgent need for health technology companies to lead the charge in developing personalised health solutions that address the shortage in clinical resources, whilst fundamentally engaging patients to become more active in their own health management.”

He added, “Our approach is to reposition digital pharmacy away from being primarily a commoditised supplier of prescription medications, and move to becoming a provider of hyper-personalised care, with a core focus on predicting which patients will benefit from proactive interventions.”

In practice, this means introducing innovative ways of engaging patients, so they take ownership of their personal health journeys. Infohealth’s forthcoming ‘Now Patient’ initiative, will use data points, to identify and customise how patients are targeted with relevant health education resources and proactive clinical interventions. AI driven health screening, predictive healthcare analytics, targeted gene testing (pharmacogenomics) for personalised medicine dosing, and synchronous tele-health, will deliver NHS commissioned services such as stop smoking and weight management.

Rajive Patel said “We’re moving ever closer towards a patient-led healthcare system, giving patients more control and choice over their health. With wearable tech, trackers and measuring devices on phones, as well as advancements in AI and ML (machine learning), we have more ways than ever to manage chronic illness, health, and wellbeing.”

About Infohealth Ltd

Infohealth Ltd, is a leading UK pharmacy-led developer of hyper-personalised digital health solutions employing a team of 40 people. It will use this new acquisition to further develop its predictive analytics model, to address the most urgent clinical and financial challenges in healthcare.

Infohealth Ltd.’s portfolio of technology brands is positioned in key global healthcare markets covering the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

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Infohealth Limited
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