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Prof. Christine Kozachuk and HRH Clyde Rivers launch a new book, "Women’s Civility Dialogue"

As the world hurtles towards what seems like inevitable discord, Women’s Civility Dialogue could not feel more urgent or timely.”
— Prof. Christine Kozachuk Founder Every Girl Wins Institute
SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2022 / -- Prof. Christine Kozachuk and HRH Clyde Rivers launch a new book, "Women’s Civility Dialogue," which provides a fresh perspective on women's discourse.

Their new book, "Women’s Civility Dialogue," provides a fresh perspective on women's discourse and offers readers a unique approach to fostering civil dialogue between women. Drawing from their own experiences and research, they provide readers with concrete tools and strategies for creating meaningful dialogue that can lead to positive change through the Dr. Clyde Rivers Dialogue Model. This timely and important book is essential for anyone interested in promoting constructive dialogue among women.

They have written an insightful and much-needed guide to help us navigate these difficult times. With clear-headedness, compassion, and verve, they lay a path forward for restoring civility to our public square.

In this era of constant conflict and division, they offer us a roadmap to finding common ground. With warmth, wisdom, and wit, they show us how we can have disagreements without being disagreeable and make the world a better place in the process.
This is an essential book at a critical time. Women must come together to solve the pressing problems facing our society today. They show us how to do just that by starting with a respectful conversation.

They posit that if we are truly committed to improving things like gender equality, social justice, racial reconciliation, etc., then we MUST start listening attentively to each other. Offering readers concrete tools and strategies rooted in mindfulness, empathy building skillset, Women’s Civility Dialogue helps create the meaningful connections necessary for transformative social action.

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