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eCare21 enables Patient-Centric Care with Tellus, non-contact A.I. enabled device to radically improve elder care

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eCare21 enables Patient-Centric Virtual Care with Tellus, a A.I. enabled device that is real-time and non-contact to radically improve home health and eldercare

We are excited to integrate and combine capabilities with the eCare21 platform to advance patient centered models of care across the continuum.”
— Tania A. Coke, CEO of Tellus
TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2022 / -- eCare21, Inc., (, the industry leader in virtual care technology, providing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for providers, patients, and caregivers, by combining remote patient monitoring, home, elder and chronic care management, virtual visits, and clinical data in a patient-centric model of care, and Tellus ( who have created a device the size of a wallet capable of enabling personalized, data-driven care by wirelessly detecting vitals and room behaviors in a privacy-first solution, today announced the successful integration of their solution.

This is a significant step to provide value to nursing care staff and businesses in the home healthcare and caregiving facilities by reducing their workload and digitally transforming their operations, using the most advanced radar technology to determine heart rate, respiration rate, room occupancy and falls without contact, all whilst maintain resident privacy and dignity.
Home health care and elder care have traditionally addressed the challenge of managing at-risk patient populations with remote monitoring methods that are too costly and complex to deploy across acuity levels. This approach has continued to reinforce existing data and communication silos across the care continuum resulting in gaps in information, increased costs, and reduced outcomes.

eCare21 works across the healthcare ecosystem to bridge these gaps and manage chronic conditions remotely, improve care decisions, and reduce hospitalizations. eCare21 has combined their comprehensive virtual patient care platform with Tellus technology, radar and A.I. capabilities to monitor activity, reduce accidents and prevent patient falls. Our advanced analytics of the current state of patients and residents, allows for real-time monitoring of their vital signs, sleeping patterns, bathroom patterns and how they spend their time in their rooms, resulting in better interventions that positively affect the people you care for.

“The home care and elder care market has long needed an easy to use, continuously monitored, non-intrusive, non-wearable, non-camera device, that can accurately monitor patient vital signs in their home or eldercare facility environments.” said Vadim Cherdak PhD, CEO of eCare21. “We believe the Tellus devices are masterpieces of this technology and are very happy to add them to our line of devices offered to healthcare providers. We have had significant demand for this type of technology and now through our partnership with Tellus, we are able to deliver.”

The Tellus device creates an effortless, non-intrusive user experience with medical grade clinical accuracy that allows for dynamic patient trending and alerting within the eCare21 virtual care platform. The introduction of the Tellus device, establishes a personalized baseline and pattern, delivering insights and alerts on critical health information and events like changes in vital signs or activity. This enables care providers to be proactive, to respond to incidents when they happen and to change patients and residents’ behaviors, that will ensure they live safer and healthier lives.

With the eCare21 platform, Chronic Care Management (CCM), Telehealth, and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), the clinical documentation and reporting is uniquely simplified for reimbursement billing opportunities.
“Enabling virtual care with continuous health monitoring and algorithmic-based data services is establishing a new standard of care” said Tania A. Coke, CEO of Tellus. “We are excited to integrate and combine capabilities with the eCare21 platform to advance patient centered models of care across the continuum.”

About eCare21
eCare21 is the industry leader in virtual healthcare technology, providing a cloud based Virtual Care solution that improves information and communication among providers, patients, and caregivers by integrating remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, medication adherence, tele-health, and billing into a single, comprehensive patient view that enables better information, better decisions, and better outcomes. eCare21’s Virtual Care Platform and Patient Engagement Services bridges communication and information gaps with a single, integrated solution providing healthcare companies a unique, comprehensive view of actionable patient data.
For more information on how eCare21’s end to end virtual care solution improves efficiency and communication for clinicians, health systems, payers, patients, and more, please contact us at or visit our website at

About Tellus
Tellus is pioneering the future of healthcare, providing privacy-first technology that enables data-driven, personalized care so elders can maintain their independence and age with dignity. Our smart system combines cutting-edge sensor technologies with advanced AI to generate real-time insights and long-term health profiles catered to the individual. In the field, we can identify falls and vitals anomalies in real-time to enable life-saving emergency interventions, but more importantly Tellus helps you to identify the leading causes of these incidents and proactively take measures to prevent future occurrences.

To find out more the Tellus system and how our system can help you to deliver state of the art care, please contact us at or visit our website at

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