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Nonacus launches test for comprehensive genomic profiling, integrated with bioinformatics and analysis software

Nonacus, launches GALEAS Tumor, a next generation sequencing test providing comprehensive genomic profiling of tumors, allowing accurate diagnosis of cancers.

BIRMINGHAM, MIDLANDS, UK, April 3, 2024 / -- Genetic testing company, Nonacus, has launched GALEAS Tumor, a next generation sequencing (NGS) test that provides comprehensive genomic profiling of tumors, allowing clinicians to accurately diagnose cancers and tailor treatments.

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) is a well-established technique used to analyse the genomic profile of a tumor, allowing clinicians to give a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan for different cancer types, based on its genetic characteristics. However, most CGP tests currently use separate software and bioinformatics solutions.

The GALEAS Tumor test combines targeted NGS panels with bespoke bioinformatics for variant calling – the process of detecting differences in genetic sequences that are involved in cancer – and software for analysing the results. Bioinformatics resources can be challenging to implement due to cost and labour burdens associated with either implementation or outsourcing.

GALEAS Tumor covers 519 genes implicated in a wide range of cancers, including rare and complex cancers like brain tumors. GALEAS Tumor provides laboratories and clinicians with an affordable and streamlined approach to diagnose patients and access more clinically relevant data.

Sam Clokie, Director of Bioinformatics at Nonacus, said: “Development of the panel and algorithms in parallel provides labs with seamless, accurate variant detection. It streamlines the workflow and simplifies data analysis and interpretation for clinicians, ultimately enhancing the accuracy and reliability of comprehensive genomic profiling in clinical settings.”

GALEAS Tumor adds to Nonacus’ comprehensive suite of genomics solutions for clinical customers, including GALEAS Hereditary Plus, which is a streamlined test for cancers caused by inherited mutations. Nonacus previously launched GALEAS Bladder, now offered as a service for doctors and patients through Informed Genomics Limited, which detects bladder cancer through a urine sample, reducing the need for invasive and costly cystoscopies.

Dr Andy Feber, Clinical Director at Nonacus, said: "GALEAS Tumor has been designed to adhere to the NHS and EMSO genomic testing guidelines. Validation on real world clinical samples provides clinical scientists and clinicians confidence in the results they are getting."

Chris Sale, CEO of Nonacus, said: “GALEAS Tumor provides clinicians with the confidence that they can do one reliable test that will inform treatment options and prognosis – regardless of whether they are treating a common or rarer cancers. This test adds to our GALEAS suite of meaningful genetic tests that can have real impact on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer.”


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About Nonacus

Nonacus is a leading provider of genetic testing products headquartered in Birmingham, UK. Collaborating closely with scientists and clinicians, the company is developing a comprehensive precision oncology workflow including support for primary tumor and liquid biopsy analysis with the ultimate goal of creating a world where early cancer diagnosis, detection and management is simple and universally available.

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