Mechanical Engineering for Non-Mechanical Engineers

Date: 23-Mar-15 to 24-Mar-15
Location: Calgary / Calgary / Canada
Category: Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

This seminar is for individuals who would like to gain an understanding of the principles of mechanical engineering in a simple and easy to grasp format. This seminar will cover all disciplines of mechanical engineering including thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and control systems without relying on complex mathematics.

This seminar is a MUST for any individual seeking in-depth knowledge of all the principles and practices of mechanical engineering and mechanical equipment or who simply would like to refresh and enhance their understanding in the area of mechanical engineering.

This seminar will be taught in an easy to understand manner and will utilize illustrated case studies to demonstrate practical examples of applied mechanical engineering. In this seminar the delegates will gain an understanding of the operation and maintenance of all mechanical equipment including the various types of pumps, compressors, valves, and actuators. In addition, this seminar will cover how mechanical equipment operates, the latest advances in maintenance techniques, and it will provide the necessary guidelines and rules to ensure the successful operation of this equipment.

This seminar will teach the delegates how to select and size all mechanical equipment. It will also teach: (1) how to specify all mechanical equipment, (2) maintenance activities required for all mechanical equipment and (3) all the safety concepts associated with mechanical equipment.

This seminar will provide the following information for all mechanical equipment:

Basic Design
Selection Criteria
Sizing Calculations
Enclosures and Sealing Arrangements
Codes and Standards
All Testing, and Maintenance

Target Audience

Engineers of all disciplines
Maintenance personnel
Other technical individuals


Philip Kiameh P.Eng

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