PRESS PASS - Neuromodulation: From Frontier to Frontline in Las Vegas

Date: 23-Dec-16 to 23-Dec-16
Location: Caesars Palace Convention Center / Las Vegas / United States
Category: Science Conferences & Trade Fairs

The 20th Annual Meeting is: Neuromodulation: From Frontier to Frontline. January 19–22, 2017, at the Caesars Palace Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) is the premier meeting in the field of neuromodulation. Neuromodulation is the application of targeted electrical, chemical and biological technologies to the nervous system in order to improve function and quality of life. The 2017 scientific program will include the most current information on state-of-the-art uses of neuromodulation therapies and techniques.
Lectures will be given by renowned specialists dedicated to clinical advancements within the field. Meet more than 2,500 clinicians, scientists, engineers, and other healthcare professionals in the field of neuromodulation. Build new relationships and connect with existing ones by participating in the 2017 NANS Annual Meeting. Your participation offers an unequaled opportunity to participate in a hands-on cadaver lab, review cutting edge research and see never before technologies. Learn about products and services available to clinicians, scientists, engineers, and other healthcare professionals. Over the past two decades, advances in neuromodulation have continued to accelerate. The clinical frontiers of neuromodulation have expanded to include cancer and non-cancer pain, movement disorders, psychiatric diseases, sleep disorders, cardiac/autonomic regulation, and more.
The science of neuromodulation now includes sophisticated materials, advanced communication technologies, restorative cognitive neuroscience, and brain-machine interface neuroprosthetics. The meeting’s theme celebrates these advances, whether in academia or industry, and highlights where neuromodulation is practiced, from the community clinic to the military frontline.

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