GDPR – Meeting the insider threat

The new EU data protection law (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018. This may seem a long way off. But, if you want to be certain your business is going to comply with it and avoid potentially hefty financial penalties (up to 4% of global turnover), the time to start preparing is now.

GDPR means a considerable increase in privacy demands that will require companies to refocus their data privacy arrangements. Organisations need to review the personal data they have collected and identify whether permissions they obtained in the past will allow them to use it in the future.

They need to ensure they can allow consumers to benefit from the rights that the GDPR gives them – rights to access their data, to rectify it and to have it erased. And they need to ensure that personal data is protected in accordance with the principles of data protection by design and by default.

However while organisations will spend a lot of time focusing on protecting themselves from external threats they mustn’t forget the growing insider risk. This stems not only from employees, but also a wider ecosystem of business partners and suppliers.

Businesses need to be aware of this, and put the right governance standards in place to manage access to their critical systems and data. Ignoring this can damage your reputation, your competitive positioning and ultimately in the light of GDPR your profitability.

During the we will focus on:

-What GDPR means to how your business uses data.
-Making sure you have the right measures in place to meet the insider risk.
-The key steps in securing and controlling your IT environment.

Who is invited?

CIOs, CISOs, C-suite and other very senior information security and information technology professionals from large companies.

Be one of 15 senior business professionals around the table. This breakfast briefing is brought to you by Business Reporter, in association with CyberArk and is only for senior end users as mentioned above.

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