The Absolutely Best (Free) Communication and Public Speaking Class

Miller Consulting LLC is pleased to present Matt Garner with LongBoard Public Relations as our instructor for this information packed workshop.
***By the way, there are 15 1/2 bonus points just for you if you have a better class title.***
Matt has been a professional speaker, teacher and trainer for nearly 20 years. He was an Army spokesman and taught Soldiers how to speak with the media for the last half of his 24-year Army career. Since 2011 his company, Longboard Public Relations, has been helping individuals and companies increase their business by understanding what their message is, who their audience is and how to best deliver the message to the audience. One key to doing that well is being a confident, competent and engaging public speaker--because all speaking is public speaking whether to 1,000 or to 1. Matt will teach you about the 3 P’s of public speaking, the 3 C’s of story telling and the absolute best process for preparing and delivering a presentation. (If you are not completely satisfied we will give you your money back.)


Matt Garner

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