School of PE’s new Architectural PE Prep Course begins on March 18, 2017

Date: 18-Mar-17 to 09-Apr-17
Location: School of PE / United States
Category: Education

Benefits of taking the course:

• An economic and convenient way to prepare for the PE Architectural engineering exam
• Live online classes inclusive of all key resources and aides
• Gain comprehensive idea of all major topics of PE Architectural engineering online
• Cover the preparation for the exam within the shortest time
• Get instruction from highly qualified instructors

Salient Features:

• 4-week of comprehensive online training with subject experts
• Live-streamed classes on majors topics of PE architectural engineering
• Online interactive discussion with instructors
• Includes Refresher classes as well as Workshop sessions
• Access to free practice sessions throughout the course
• $300 off for first 15 registrant
• Risk-free enrollment guarantee
• ‘Pay-Later’ payment option for live online weekday’s sessions

Who Should Take up the course:

• An architectural engineering graduate
• Architectural engineering professionals looking to improve skills and experience
• Architectural engineering professionals looking to secure PE license

The School of PE has over 12 years of experience in providing exclusive FE, PE, and SE refresher classes via various instructional methods. With an aim to offer flexibility to students to prepare for the PE architectural engineering exam, the institute has designed an exclusive live online course. The course includes improved pedagogy method to extend quality instructions. It will commence on March 18, 2017 and will continue through April 09, 2017.

The details of registration and course-related information are available on the website. Students can also call or visit the venue to get hands on information about the registration and payment process.

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