Strategy and Marketing Course for Directors

Date: 21-Aug-17 to 23-Aug-17
Location: Institute of Directors / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

This course provides an introduction to the main approaches to strategic direction and marketing within the organisation, and will assist you in your role of leading the strategic process and preparing for implementation.

Gain a practical understanding of the board’s role in developing strategy, learn how to create value for your key stakeholders, appreciate the importance of market analysis and strategic decision-making, and effectively prepare for the implementation of strategies that support and enhance your organisation’s vision and values.

By attending this course you will gain the knowledge and skills to:

• Examine how your board formulates, implements and monitors its business and marketing strategies

• Appreciate the strategic importance of a clear purpose as provided by vision, mission and values

• Conduct an effective situation appraisal and evaluate the relationship between the internal and external environments of the organisation

• Understand the means by which strategic options may be generated and evaluated to arrive at the strategy that will deliver the vision

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