"ALL IN" Entrepreneur Workshop

 Are you in business or looking to get in business? What are you doing with your current opportunities?
                                   This phenominal ALL IN entreprenuer workshop is for you!
The Electricfying Drew Moore will give you 12 steps on how to get and stay in the game of business. This event is behing held during BOSS UP weekend, along with special guest Entreprenuer,Comedian and Soror, Tamiko "Lady Tee" Byrd.
This will be Empowering and Informative! You have the potential to make this a Royal Flush, Friday October13, 2017. Get your Early Bird tickets now. Click on the link and type in the word EARLY to get your discount. Hurry becuse they are going fast!

We partnered with Teespring to create some awesome merchandise for this event. Show your support and look good wearing it. Check it out!

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Drew Moore, Tamiko "Lady Tee" Byrd

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