As the amount of information available in today's electronic age grows rapidly, the ability to index, effectively process and put into use available information as soon as it appears or is published is becoming increasingly important. The vast number of online information sources and continuous updating makes it impossible to find all the information manually. The solution, therefore, is to use a system that can categorize, sort and filter information to make these tasks efficient and cost-effective.

EIN News has created a proven platform for the modern electronic publishing industry, while at the same time adding a personal touch. Our proprietary news aggregation technology continuously scans the web, indexing news and information from thousands of worldwide sources. The data is then filtered into the system according to subscribers' specific needs, and updated and supervised by a team of professional news editors. EIN News is an incubator for product development in news and editorial indexing that is optimized for a global market, making online research more convenient, rapid and affordable.