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Dimitra Secures $20M 'Capital Commitment' From GEM DIGITAL

Dimitra receives capital commitment from GEM Digital

Crypto investment accelerates Agtech development and adoption globally

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE, August 9, 2022 / -- International AgTech innovator, Dimitra, is proud to announce a $20 million capital commitment by GEM DIGITAL LIMITED to further develop Dimitra’s platform, increase user-adoption and expand the utility of the ecosystem.

This commitment from GEM Digital is instrumental in continuing the development of Dimitra’s agricultural ecosystem and expanding the functionality of the Connected Farmer Platform, which was released in May 2022. Accelerating the implementation of the platform to user groups under contract expands the value of the platform to ecosystem partners and accelerates its adoption around the world.

Dimitra’s CEO, Jon Trask, says, “We are proud to be working with GEM DIGITAL as a key long-term strategic partner and are grateful for their financial commitment, supporting the long-term vision of Dimitra in becoming the “Operating System for Ag-tech. Furthermore, this GEM DIGITAL commitment allows us to instill further utility into the ecosystem and further integrate the Dimitra token (DMTR) into the functionality of the ecosystem”.

The latest capital commitment by GEM DIGITAL will help Dimitra expand the value revealed from the data generated by the combined application of blockchain, satellite, sensors, drones, machine learning, artificial intelligence and genetics to the Agri-food industry.

GEM DIGITAL selected Dimitra intending to have a hand in agricultural technology that will shape the future of farming, agriculture, and have a worldwide impact on food security, food traceability, the impact of agriculture on climate change and increase the standard of living of small farmers across the globe. Dimitra’s laser focus on agriculture technology is in line with the global need for real use cases and adoption in the blockchain industry and impending food shortages worldwide. With GEM DIGITAL’s capital commitment, Dimitra aims to further provide farmers, governments, and NGOs with the best technology and a secure environment for high-volume transactions, all in one seamless user experience via the Dimitra Connected Farmer Platform.

About Dimitra Incorporated:
Dimitra Incorporated is a global Agtech company with a mission to help smallholder farmers across the world. Dimitra works with governments, government agencies, NGOs, and for-profit organizations. The Dimitra platform is built on blockchain technology and incorporates mobile technology, machine learning, IoT devices, satellite and drone imagery, genomics, and advanced farming research. Dimitra's data-driven approach helps farmers increase yields, reduce expenses, and mitigate risk. Dimitra believes that every smallholder farmer, regardless of economic standing, should benefit from simple, beautiful, and useful technology.

The Dimitra token (DMTR) is available on several token exchanges, including Uniswap,and other centralized exchanges such as Kucoin, Gate, Bittrex Global, and BitMart.

GEM Digital Limited is a digital asset investment firm. Based in The Bahamas, the firm actively sources, structures and invests in utility tokens listed on over 30 CEXs and DEXs globally.

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