About EIN News

Make real-time business decisions easier than ever

We lead in the creation of highly targeted, custom news packages that deliver content relevant to your industry – that's why so many users are attracted to our network of industry news publications. EIN News also prepares industry-specific content packages to simplify the content selection process for your organization. Any subscriber may reach out to EIN News' editorial department who will work with you based on your needs. Or use a variety of easy-to-use web-based content tools to build your own to match your unique business intelligence requirements. Our clients include many world-leading brands, such as Deloitte and Monsanto.

Our services will help you stay a step ahead of the competition, including:
• Recent industry developments.
• New sales prospects & opportunities.
• Mergers and acquisitions.
• New companies, products and services that impact your product lines.
• Track partners, vendors and suppliers.
• Market activity and market trends.
• Real-time and current awareness.
• Integrate news into your portal or applications.
• Distribute your content such as press releases.
• Present your brand to a targeted audience.
• Quantity & frequency.
• Intuitive aggregation.
• Custom news categories.

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Influence others

For more than 15 years, EIN News solutions have been employed in large enterprises as well as small business companies across more than 100 industries in the United States and worldwide. Discover why industry leaders and hundreds of other global companies and organizations turn to EIN News for industry news and business intelligence services. This year, nearly 5 million people will visit EIN News sites – and our reach is even much broader through social media and our press release distribution services – the EIN Presswire. Our clients include the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Boston's renowned Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

• Send, publish, promote your press releases and corporate news releases through the EIN Presswire and get your message out to the EIN News readership, membership, and syndication partners.
• Sponsoring a publication will give you an exclusive position in an uncluttered professional environment.
• Promote conferences, trade fairs, seminars and meetings to EIN News' audience of global professionals.

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Increase website traffic, use and customer retention

Our Content Syndication provides current awareness news, business and market intelligence and general consumer news and information content for websites, intranets, wireless devices and telephony services requiring real-time information.

Increase website traffic, use and customer retention with:
• Breaking news categorized from thousands of the leading global sources.
• Thousands of categories to choose from or we can build one specific to your business interests.
• Easy to-use web-based content management tools to edit, publish and deliver your information.
• Advanced categorization tools.
• Email delivery and alert applications.
• Access to relevant, real-time information.

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Use highly targeted, custom news services that deliver value

We specialize in building highly targeted, custom news services that deliver value. Our cutting-edge technology and distribution platforms offer a "one-stop-shop" for critical business intelligence tools; tracking, analytics, publishing syndication, and press release distribution. Thousands of leading businesses, institutions and professionals have turned to EIN News since our founding in 1995. Clients include many world leading brands such as ExxonMobil, Goldman Sachs and Standard & Poor's.

Compare our rates with those of your current provider. EIN News services are offered both as enterprise solutions and as customized tools for individuals. We have price points balanced to your specific needs often at rates that are far below other competitors in our industry. These include monthly access rates from as little as $20 for an individual service by a single individual up to cross-platform licenses for large organizations, universities and governments.

Work with a proven market leader

Nearly 5 million people visited our publicly available news sites during the last 12 months, a testament to the depth and quality of our editorial systems. Each system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your strategic needs. Our clients range from media services such as PR Newswire, to journalists for Le Monde and CNN. They include the U.S. Government agencies (and arms of many governments on all continents), FedEx, Chrysler and thousands of other companies, individuals, and institutions.

For more than 15 years, EIN News' proprietary contextual matching and analytical processing technologies - combined with our extensive industry news coverage and competitive intelligence services - have influenced analysis and decisions of executives. Our services are used by many of the world's leading companies and organizations. EIN News solutions are employed by Fortune 1,000 corporations, trade associations, and companies across more than 100 industries in the United States and worldwide.

EIN News is a pioneer in real-time information delivery and a leading provider of content analytics, content syndication services, content management technologies and press release distribution. We provide business and industry news and general consumer information for websites, blogs, and wireless devices.