SPE Workshop: Cementing Solutions That Improve Well Value

Date: 27-Mar-18 to 28-Mar-18
Location: Jumeirah at Etihad Towers / Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates
Category: Energy Conferences & Trade Fairs

This workshop aims to understand what we currently do to address a wide array of cementing challenges and how we deal with them. It will then progress into a critical analysis of the efficiency with which we truly participate to solving the main issues of the oil and gas community, which increase well life while maintaining the low costs, manage risk in dynamic subsurface conditions while improving economics, and lower environmental risks.

This workshop will initially provide a detailed outline of what the industry’s cementing challenges are and how the industry is currently addressing them. The workshop will then transition into a critical analysis of today’s solutions in terms of their technical and economic efficiency and how low-price solutions can substantially impact a well or project's environmental and economic performance.

The main topics will address various areas related to cementing operations, short-term and long-term zonal isolation, and the management of data, talent and innovation. Some examples of questions that will be tackled are: How can we improve the cement job design and execution? How can we cement under losses? How unconventional or extended reach wells impact the cementing process? How can we efficiently verify the sealing efficiency of cement barriers? Additionally, a break-out group discussion will be organised on a topic that will be decided by the attendees of the workshop.

Agenda topics include:
- Cement Job Design Process
- Execution
- Loss of Circulation
- Unconventional and ERD
- Barrier Verification
- Innovation

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