AI-PI Clinical Development

Date: 24-Jul-18 to 26-Jul-18
Location: Revere Hotel Boston Common / Boston / United States
Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Conferences & Trade Fairs

Join the AI Pharma Innovation: Clinical Development Summit to discover how to harness AI to enhance trial design, improve patient selection and identify biomarkers for precision medicine.

As clinical failure rates remain unsustainable, the inaugural AI Pharma Innovation: Clinical Development Summit is committed to help large pharma, biotech and artificial intelligence innovators overcome key strategic and technical challenges of integrating the right AI solution and applying it specifically to maximize and accelerate clinical development.

July 24-26, 2018
+617 455 4188


Raj Bandaru (Sanofi), Alex Zhavoronkov (InSilico Medicine), Haoda Fu (Eli Lilly), Gregory V. Goldmacher (Merck), Arun Asaithambi (Lantern Pharma), Shanrong Zhao (Pfizer), Edward Bowen (GSK), Ray Liu (Takeda), Leonardo Rodrigues (Berg)

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