The Business Accelerator Blueprint – Business Leader Lunch & Learn

Date: 14-Jun-18 to 14-Jun-18
Location: Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants / United States
Category: Education

Whether you're a seasoned business leader, or just beginning to branch out from being an entrepreneur, this workshop will take your business performance and profits to new heights, allowing you to truly work smarter, not harder, as your business growth quickly accelerates.

Join us for the hands-on Business Accelerator Blueprint workshop to:

* Identify what you as the leader of your business really need to be doing to get the biggest growth and ROI for your time and money (and stop having to put out all those fires)
* Learn how to better nurture and develop a staff of high performers that solve organizational challenges and speed up business growth
* Find out the formula to hire the best employees, reduce turnover and increase job satisfaction, longevity and productivity
* Learn the secrets to cutting your own to-do list by 80% and see your business double or triple over the next year (my clients do this all the time, and it works)...

The fact is, most business owners say their business could be growing faster and their people could be better.

Grab your ticket now for the Business Accelerator Lunch & Learn Workshop, and you'll leave with a roadmap and action plan to get you there.

- Lunch at Cooper’s Hawk
- Workshop materials
- Networking with business leaders
- Follow up "Distinctive Advantage" business executive coaching session - $400 value
- Raffle prizes worth $3,000+ to help you move your business forward faster

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Jason E. Rosado

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