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Burkinabé Director Apolline Traore Premieres "Frontières" ("Borders") at the Espace Saint-Michel in Paris on May 23

While in New York, Burkinabe Director Apolline Traore spoke about her film, "Frontieres" with Vincent Makori, the anchor of Africa 54, Voice of America’s daily TV program for Africa, and Journalist Arzouma Kompaore. Photo: Platinum Star PR

Frontières (Borders) is an award-winning feature film directed by Burkinabe Apolline Traore. The suspense drama focuses on the intense journey of four women who face injustices and sexual harassment while crossing borders to trade goods.

On the red carpet is New York African Film Festival Founder and Director Mahen Bonetti welcoming Film Director Apolline Traore at the opening night ceremony. Photo: Platinum Star PR

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio congratulates Director Apolline Traore on her award-winning feature film, "Frontieres" which opened the New York African Film Festival. Photo: Platinum Star PR

During the Cannes Film Festival, Director Apolline Traore congratulated the President of Orange Middle East & Africa Bruno Mettling and French Institute President Pierre Buhler on the agreement to distribute African films through the Institute. Photo: Platinum Star PR

Frontières Takes You on an Intense Road Trip with Four Women Who Begin the Journey as Strangers but Become Friends to Survive Corruption and Sexual Harassment

I decided to make this film not only to mount the African woman's fight but above all to say that things can change on a smaller scale.”
— Burkinabé Director Apolline Traore
PARIS, SAINT-MICHEL, FRANCE, May 23, 2018 / -- Access to capital, networks, and equality is a global issue for women. According to a report published by the World Bank, it is a known fact that in Africa, women carry goods across borders, produce products, especially food, that can be exported, and own and manage trade-oriented firms. Unfortunately, the women known as traders often face specific constraints that undermine their economic activities. Women traders working in the informal sector are often subject to harassment and extortion at the border.

Burkinabé Director Apolline Traore's award-winning feature film, "Frontières" ("Borders") explores the obstacles to the free movement of goods across borders. "Frontières" ("Borders") starring Amelie Mbaye (Adjara), Naky Sy Savane (Emma), Adizétou Sidi (Sali), Unwana Udobang (Micha) premieres on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 8:15 p.m. at the Cinema Espace Saint-Michel at 7 place Saint-Michel in Paris, France 75005. This is a media-friendly event. For press credentials or interviews with Traore, contact Camille Jouhair, founder of Hévadis Films, at 06 51 15 95 93 or

Traore brings attention to the problematic borders and the commitment of these women, who in their day-to-day struggle for their family, face dangers on cross-border roads causing enormous suffering in their quest to find financial stability. The four women, Adjara, Emma, Sali and Micha, meet on a bus while travelling through 5 countries in 7 days, wherein they endure injustices from sexual assault, harassment, and extortion from men and governments who control the borders that they must cross to make a living trading goods. They risk their lives, but will not stop for the survival of their family.

"I decided to make this film not only to mount the African woman's fight but above all to say that things can change on a smaller scale. The corruption for example is an evil that our states are trying to fight for a very
long time with very few results," said Traore. "I strongly believe that this fight must be fought firstly at an individual level. Every citizen must be aware and chose to fight. Otherwise, our states are unlikely to succeed."

These women throughout their journey demonstrate solidarity and remarkable union, watching over each other, which is a complement to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) one of the most important and influential bodies of West Africa.

ECOWAS' vision is to foster interstate economic and political cooperation. History is on its side in this regard. Dating back to pre-colonial times, West Africans have been among the world’s most mobile populations although much of the migration had been intra-regional. About 7.5 million West African migrants (3 percent of the regional population) are living in ECOWAS countries other than their own. The 1.2 million other migrants are dispersed mainly in North America and Europe. Estimated at about 149 million in 2013, women constitute over 50 percent of the region’s population. The cross-border migration of women as traders and business persons places them as potential champions for promoting integration. This reality needs to be fully exploited.

Traore continues to tell stories that bring attention to African culture and history. Her next project scheduled to begin production in Summer 2018 is a Haitian feature film, “Desrances," starring Award-Winning Haitian-American TV and Film Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis. "My inspiration about “Desrances” came from the place of girls in our society. Until today we find in our community, parents who prefer putting their boy in school because a girl will leave the family: with a husband," said Traore. "It's important for me to show that a girl can be a heir as well as a boy. The story honors Haiti by showing the strength of a Haitian man, despise his multiple troubles. It's a positive and honorable reflection of Haiti. A poor and very problematical country that stays strong no matter the circumstances."

For interviews and personal appearances, contact Traore's Publicist Marie Lemelle at 213-276-7827 (WhatsApp) or

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About Apolline Traore:
Apolline TRAORÉ was born in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. After traveling around the world with her father who worked for the United Nations, she ended up at Emerson College in Boston,USA for film school. In 1998, she obtained her Master's degree in directing and then moved to Los Angeles. After a few years working in independent films, in 2007 she decided to return to her country to tell stories about her continent. She is a director, producer, and writer, known for award-winning films: Borders (2017), Kounandi (2004) and The Price of Ignorance (2000).

The limited liability company was founded by Apolline Traoré in 2001 with its head office in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. It is specialized in films and videos production. Les Films Selmon is made up of a General Manager, 6 permanent staff members and a dozen contractual workers.

The Vision of Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) established on May 28 1975 is the creation of a borderless region where the population has access to its abundant resources and is able to exploit same through the creation of opportunities under a sustainable environment. What ECOWAS has created is an integrated region where the population enjoys free movement, have access to efficient education and health systems and engage in economic and commercial activities while living in dignity in an atmosphere of peace and security. ECOWAS is meant to be a region governed in accordance with the principles of democracy, rule of law and good governance.

About Orange Studios:
Orange, present in nearly 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East,supports African film production, with 13 films co-produced by Orange Studio (including the movie multi-award-winning TIMBUKTU), since 4 years. The operator attaches to promote creation by promoting African films at festivals, restoring movies and helping young directors from the continent.

About the French Institute:
The Institut français provides support for cultural action to France's diplomatic strategies along the following lines:
promote international artistic exchanges; share French intellectual creation;to disseminate French film and audiovisual heritage;to support the cultural development of the countries of the South;encourage the dissemination and learning of the French language;develop the dialogue of cultures through the organization of "seasons", "years", or "festivals" in France and abroad;promote the international mobility of creators, with residency programs;coordinate and promote actions with French local authorities abroad;to act for cultural diversity on a European scale through European and multilateral partnerships; and provide training and career follow-up for cultural network agents around the world .

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