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14-year-old Girl Saved from Human Trafficking Thanks to Two Partner Organizations and Facebook

Youth march for human rights to raise awareness on the 30 human rights.

When the community comes together, truly anything can get done. It’s not enough to speak about handling the problem, it takes hard work, and it takes actually getting into action.”
— said Cristian Vargas, ED UHR/YHR Florida
TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, August 1, 2019 / -- This past week, a 14 year-old girl was saved from human trafficking in the Tampa Bay area thanks to two organizations that are partnering to save children from this insidious crime – Bikers Against Trafficking (BAT) and Youth for Human Rights (YHR). The U.S. State Department estimates 300,000 children are being trafficked in the United States.

“When the community comes together, truly anything can get done,” said Cristian Vargas, Executive Director of United for Human Rights/Youth for Human Rights Florida. “It’s not enough to speak about handling the problem, it takes hard work, and it takes actually getting into action. It’s an honor to work alongside such a dedicated organization as Bikers Against Trafficking. They don’t just talk about doing something they are out there helping people every day.”

It was one-o’clock in the morning when 14 year-old Sally* was found by the police just in time before she would have been sold off into modern day slavery. She was moments away from becoming one more number added to the children being trafficked in America.

When Youth for Human Rights Florida (YHR) received a phone call from one of their partners, Bikers Against Trafficking (BAT), asking to help them spread the word on Facebook about a missing girl, a re-sounding alarm was immediately set off. There was no time to waste, because within 24 hours Sally could have been sold and lost forever within the underground network of human trafficking.

All the signs were clear. BAT co-founders Rainey and Doc knew that Sally had been taken. It was the middle of the night and she hadn't returned home yet. They knew she could be sold into the heinous and insidious life of trafficking and the police couldn’t file a missing person report because it hadn’t been long enough since she went missing.

The call-to-action was simple, BAT and YHR made their own missing person Facebook post and it had to go viral. If enough people saw it, the chances of Sally being found before it was too late would increase.

The Facebook post was being shared across every social media platform they had; with hundreds of volunteers, community leaders, pastors and other anti-human trafficking organizations sharing it to their friends. One individual that shared it had a following of over 20 million people.

Before the 24 hours were up and with just concerned citizens raising awareness and taking action, a Police Officer stationed nearly 150 miles away from Sally’s house, saw that Facebook Post of the missing Sally. Just moments later, the Police Officer drove by a young girl who looked awfully familiar, walking down a street at 1:00am with an older man. Fortunately, that Police Officer did what was right, and now Sally is back home with her family, safe and harmless.

Co-founder of Bikers Against Trafficking, and a surviving fighter of the system herself, Rainey told Vargas, “We, the family, know this was as a result of YHR working with us to share the word and we truly appreciate each of you for coming along side us in our time of need.”

For more information about Youth for Human Rights, call or text 727-265-7479, or email and visit the Facebook and Instagram pages: @UHRFlorida. Also contact Bikers Against Trafficking by calling 407-300-8971 or emailing: Visit their Facebook Page to get involved @BikerAgainstTraffickingFL

About Youth for Human Rights:

Youth for Human Rights is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to implementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at local, regional, national and international levels. Its membership is comprised of individuals, educators and groups throughout the world who are actively forwarding the knowledge and protection of human rights by and for all Mankind. The Church of Scientology sponsors the printing educational material of YHR. Central to Scientology beliefs and tenets is a conviction that all people are endowed with the inalienable rights as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as ratified by the United Nations in 1948. To protect yourself and your community, you must first know your rights. YHR is inspired by the words of L. Ron Hubbard, "Human Rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream."

*Sally’s real name has been changed to protect her identity.

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