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Berlin Sake Startup „Go-Sake“ expands Cooperation with Japanese Sake Breweries

Berlin Sake Startup Go-Sake brings Sake-to-Go to Germany

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Sake to go attracts new customers and wins new sake fans

BERLIN, DEUTSCHLAND, August 14, 2019 / -- Japanese sake is on the rise and more and more Germans fall in love with the national drink of Japan. The Berlin sake startup „Go-Sake“, which started 2017 to promote Japanese sake culture in Germany attracts new sake fans by curating premium sake from craft sake breweries and supporting Japanese sake breweries in bringing and introducing their handcrafted sake to/in Germany.

Go-Sake stands for 180 milliliter and for a new modern way of sake consumption, in a contemporary packaging. Go-Sake stands also for a conscious “cleaner & healthier” lifestyle: With an average alcohol content of 15-16%, Sake is an all-natural brewed alcoholic beverage, gluten free, vegan, sulfate-free, low in sugar, low in acid. Go-Sake aims to inspire the younger generation who hasn’t had the privilege to experience the taste of sake, to test it out for themselves.

„With more than 1500 sake breweries in Japan. It is essential for our project to find the optimal product which suits new consumers as well. The great support of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in Berlin and in Japan & the Kochi Chamber of Commerce and Industry were here one of the decisive factors that helped us in finding the right partners in Japan and we are very grateful for this“, says Dr. Bastian Schwithal, CEO at Go-Sake.

„We are very happy to announce today that we are expanding the Go-Sake Project to further prefectures of Japan. Besides our close partnership with the Arimitsu Brewery in Kōchi, we have found with the Kita Brewery in Nara and the Yamamoto Honke Brewery in Kyoto, with their outstanding craftsmanship, the perfect partners for extending our Go-Sake product line-up“, explains Dr. Bastian Schwithal.

The new Go-Sake product portfolio contains now with the sake types: Honjozo, Junmai, Junmai Ginjo, Daiginjo, Junmai Daiginjo a rich and delicious variety of sake, which can be experienced at some new sake tasting events very soon. Besides the marketing of the handy Go-Sake bottles it is very important for the Go-Sake team to promote also the related Japanese culture by events, workshops, food tastings and pairings.

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