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Clear Skin Through Education And Diet”
— Natasha St Michael
USA, August 22, 2019 / -- Want Amazing Skin?

Get the inside scoop how to get clear, glowing, flawless skin.

It’s not hard, you just need to know what to do.

And it’s not only about the skincare products you are using, but your diet and lifestyle are big players too.

The CLEAR SKIN Essentials just relaunched a new website (and an online store coming soon!).

Established in 2015, The CLEAR SKIN Essentials was created by Natasha St. Michael to channel her passion for natural skincare and expertise in diet and nutrition to help women clear up breakouts, adult acne, and get great skin naturally.

Natasha St. Michael is a well known “internet famous” expert in healthy living and natural health. She’s been teaching and coaching people along their path to a healthier diet and lifestyle since 2009. Her first two video blogs, Raw Radiant Health and Radiance Central amassed a combined following of over 55,000 subscribers and over 8 million channel views on YouTube.

Before getting into natural health, Natasha used to struggle miserably with acne from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It all started in her teens, through into her early 30s. She tried every pill, lotion, and potion - nothing worked. Everyone says you outgrown acne, but for Natasha, the reverse was true. As she got older, her acne only got worse! Then she started experimenting with improving her diet and adopting a gentler skincare routine. To everyone’s surprise, her skin started clearing up, and fast. Not only did she completely clear up adult acne, but she also reversed the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and found natural ways of fading acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and preserving the youthfulness of her skin.

With results like that, Natasha wanted to share!

In 2015, Natasha started The CLEAR SKIN Essentials to help guide women on how to get clear, gorgeous skin through eating the right foods, and taking care of their skin properly.

Sharing her skin care tips, mistakes to avoid, clear skin diet, video tutorials, and reviews of her favourite skincare and beauty products; The CLEAR SKIN Essentials is an ever growing online space.

Over the years, The CLEAR SKIN Essentials has expanded and evolved. The blog now has over 100 articles and videos covering a wide array of topics on skin care, including how to clear up acne and hormonal breakouts, get rid of bumpy skin texture, fade acne scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma, anti-aging, and skin care routines for different skin types and concerns. Everything you need to know about perfecting your skin with your diet and skincare routine is here.

Natasha also loves doing product reviews. She has built a strong reputation for giving extremely honest and thorough reviews of skincare and beauty products. She loves experimenting and trying new things, and takes her audience along the journey. She is known for not holding back her opinion, and sharing what works and what doesn’t.

The CLEAR SKIN Essentials also offers a free email course, various premium video courses, and one-on-one telephone coaching packages for clearing up acne.

The free Acne Solutions 5-Day Email Course is the perfect starter for anyone ready to start fixing their diet and skincare routine for clear skin. The five strategies offered in the email course are very different than typical acne advice, yet extremely effective.

The CLEAR SKIN Diet Rules and The CLEAR SKIN Skincare Rules are premium video courses for beginners. These foundation courses dive deep into what to change and add in to your diet and skincare routine for clear skin.

Acne Causing Health Foods is a video masterclass for more “advanced” health enthusiasts who are still struggling with acne even though they are eating a healthy diet. This masterclass is particularly good if you are on a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, wholefood, low fat, or low carb diet and your skin isn’t getting any better. For some people, certain health foods, whole foods, superfoods, supplements, or food combinations can be causing skin issues. This course will walk you through all the foods you need to watch out for, and what foods to be eating more of for clear skin results.

Natasha St. Michael is a certified Holistic Health Coach accredited by the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, and she is a member of the American Association For Drugless Practitioners. She’s been working as a professional health coach for over a decade and has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience.

The telephone coaching Natasha offers is particularly good if you want to fast track your results and get personalized help with your skin. Natasha has all her clients keep skincare and food journals before the coaching calls, so she can see exactly what you’re eating, using on your skin, and daily habits. Over the coaching call, Natasha will walk through your diet and skincare routine and tell you what’s causing the issues and give you a personalized action plan to follow. Natasha doesn’t believe in putting people on a generic diet or skincare routine; but instead, she wants to fix and improve upon what you are already doing. This way, you reach your skin goals, and easily maintain your results too.

Coming this September 2019, Natasha will be launching an online store on The CLEAR SKIN Essentials showcasing her favourite natural skincare and clean beauty products. As a passionate skincare enthusiast who’s constantly sourcing and trying new products, this has been a longtime dream of Natasha’s. The online store is based out of her hometown Montreal, Canada, and products can be shipped throughout Canada, USA, and Internationally.

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