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Revelio Labs Provides Data Analysis for Effective Business Growth

Industry Leader in Workforce Intelligence Releases Ground-Breaking Workforce Research

NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, March 29, 2021 / -- Revelio Labs recently identified the competitive workforce advantage of all 50 states, the companies and cities that grew their workforce in 2020, and how significant recent big tech relocation plans are overall through workforce data. Revelio Labs provides competitive insights through workforce data to help companies understand workforce dynamics and effectively grow. The company discovers, absorbs, and standardizes millions of employee-related data points to deliver precise and actionable insights on any brand.

“With Revelio Labs, you can look under the hood to understand a company from the inside. We believe that talent is the next and most exciting frontier to understanding companies”, says CEO Benjamin Zweig. Revelio Labs revealed the competitive advantage of the workforce of all 50 states through analyzing and interpreting workforce data sets. Some highlights are as follows:

California's specialty is startups.
Georgia's specialty is leadership.
Colorado's specialty is wellness.
Florida’s specialty is sales.

Each state dominates in a particular skill that gives them a competitive advantage. When states build up a talent specialty, they tend to attract businesses that require such skills, build supply chains around those companies, and keep attracting more of the same talent. The phenomenon can lead to skill clusters that persist for years and shape the character of a state.

2020 was a year of numerous challenges and created enormous upheavals to workforces around the globe. Some companies experienced large layoffs and furloughs; others enjoyed unprecedented growth. By analyzing workforce data, Revelio Labs identified the top winners and losers in the year of Covid-19. The data revealed that Facebook grew its workforce the most out of companies analyzed, at 30.8 percent, and it appears engineering roles grew the fastest at 46 percent. The biggest loser in workforce growth was Groupon, losing 25.2 percent of its employees.

Revelio Labs also looked at the workforce growth of cities. Austin grew its workforce by 0.6 percent (the highest in 2020), concentrated on engineering and finance. Boulder did not fare well as it lost the most – 4.8 percent of its workforce, focused on marketing and scientist positions.

In 2020, we saw several companies, such as Hewlett Packard and Oracle, express plans to relocate headquarters to Texas mostly because of housing costs, strict regulations, and taxes. Revelio Labs used the balance of trade concept between states to determine how significant transitions are to smaller cities. They found that most states have a negative trade balance of employees because several large states, such as California, Washington, New York, and Texas, continue to attract talent from all over the country.

Some highlights include:

Washington is the most effective at attracting top talent.
New York loses a tremendous amount of talent to California every year.
Washington and Texas attract a lot of talent from California.

About Revelio Labs: Revelio Labs' mission is to create a clear way to understand the workforce and talent across companies. Companies today derive valuable insight into their own company by analyzing internal HR data but struggle to compare to competitors, which is indispensable to strategic planning. To find out more about Revelio Labs, visit

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