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PROTXX and Datwyler Demonstrate Dry-Electrode-Based Neurostimulation


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PROTXX Neurvesta™ wearable

The PROTXX Neurvesta™ wearable device integrates proprietary neurostimulation electronics and Datwyler SoftPulse™ dry electrodes.

New technologies enable treatment tailored to each patient’s unique impairment profile

MENLO PARK, CA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2021 / -- Menlo Park, California and Calgary, Alberta based precision healthcare technology pioneer PROTXX and global elastomer component leader Datwyler Group today announced a transformational breakthrough in wearable neurostimulation devices. Proprietary neurostimulation electronics and Phybrata™ neurophysiological sensor technology developed by PROTXX, together with Datwyler SoftPulse™ gel-free soft dry electrodes, have been demonstrated as key enablers of the PROTXX Neurvesta™ platform, the first easy-to-use wearable solution that can be used in any doctor’s office or at home via remote patient care to:

• Quantify physiological impairments that result from neurological conditions such as concussions and age-related decline;
• Deliver non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatments tailored to each patient’s unique impairment profile;
• Monitor the patient’s response in real-time as the above treatments are being delivered.

Based on an innovative flexible conductive polymer, Datwyler SoftPulse™ electrodes are already established as a key enabler in cutting edge long-term bio-monitoring applications such as EEG, EMG and ECG, allowing dry signal acquisition without the need for gels or special skin preparation, decreasing skin irritation and increasing comfort and ease-of-use.

Gary Vissing, Business Development Manager from Datwyler commented “We are excited to be working with PROTXX to expand use of our SoftPulse™ electrodes beyond bio-monitoring and into a range of specific bio-stimulation applications that spans medical research, clinical treatment, and remote patient care. Products such as the PROTXX Neurvesta™ platform will significantly expand the number of patients for whom Datwyler innovations help to deliver precision digital healthcare.”

The PROTXX Neurvesta™ platform is initially targeting electrical vestibular stimulation (EVS), a specialized form of neurostimulation used to counter-act the loss of the highly sensitive motion-sensing cells within the vestibular balance organs located in the inner ear. This loss occurs naturally over time as part of the aging process but can also be accelerated by exposure to head impacts. In older adults, the loss of motion-sensing cells leads to a significant increase in falls that often cause serious injuries or even fatalities. Impact-induced damage to the vestibular system is a significant symptoms driver in many concussion injuries. EVS can counteract both age and impact-induced disruptions by selectively stimulating the vestibular balance organs themselves, the vestibular nerve, or the multiple different structures within the brain to which the vestibular system is connected.

Ryan Peters, PROTXX EVS R&D partner at the University of Calgary Human Performance Lab in Canada added: “The ability of the PROTXX Neurvesta™ solution to simultaneously deliver bio-stimulation and monitor the body’s response in an easy-to-use wearable device enables exciting new possibilities to enhance and restore physiological function in a manner that is tailored to each patient’s unique impairment profile.”

John Ralston, PROTXX CEO and founder, stated: “We are excited to be collaborating with Datwyler to develop and integrate customized dry-electrode designs and accelerate the commercialization of our Neurvesta™ platform. Laboratory testing has validated the SoftPulse™ electrodes as a very robust solution that can be cleaned easily and used repeatedly, simplifying the correct placement and allowing patients to use the device outside hospital or clinic settings, all of which significantly increase the range of potential applications beyond our initial focus on EVS.”

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PROTXX innovations in wearable sensors, machine learning, and remote patient care transform the lives of tens of millions of people with complex neurophysiological medical conditions that can result from injuries, disease, aging, or genetic disorders. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with Canadian operations based in Calgary, PROTXX is led by an accomplished team of IoT device and data platform engineers, clinical neurology researchers and practitioners, and digital healthcare business professionals. Supported by a well-established network of R&D, manufacturing, clinical pilot, and distributor partners in Canada, the U.S., and Switzerland, PROTXX has been recognized with numerous industrial, academic, and government awards.

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Headquartered in Altdorf, Switzerland, Datwyler is a leading provider of high-quality, system-critical elastomer components, with leading positions in global markets such as healthcare, mobility, oil & gas and food & beverage. With its recognized core competencies and technological leadership, the company delivers added value to customers in the markets served. With more than 20 operating companies, sales in over 100 countries and more than 7,000 employees, the Datwyler Group generates annual sales of more than CHF 1 billion and has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1986.

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