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Area Agencies on Aging work tirelessly on behalf of aging americans

Home Health Requires Strong Care Coordination Supports Aging in Place is supporting virtual gathering of leading Area Agencies on Aging by providing person centered secure texting along with real-time acuity scoring tools assists Area Agencies on Aging in reaching more consumers with person centered communication. Plus, with real time acuity scoring built in,AAAs deliver efficient and effective care.”
— Founder and Chairman Asif Khan
CHICAGO, IL, USA, June 29, 2021 / -- The Annual Conference and Tradeshow of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging is the USA’s biggest event and gathering of local leaders in aging services. Every year, the n4a Annual Conference and Tradeshow brings together local professionals, government experts, business leaders, policymakers with other Aging Network practitioners so that they can share their expertise, knowledge, and new inventions or directions in the field of aging. The agencies have various funding sources and are #notforprofitexcellence.
This year, the n4a Conference and Tradeshow will be held virtually to provide peer-to-peer learning, insight into federal policy and national trends that affect local communities. The Conference will offer different formats to discuss innovative approaches, hot topics, and current issues in aging including development opportunities.

***A little Background on “Aging” in the USA***
By 2030, it is expected that more than 70 million Americans will be 65 and older. 90% of the adults 65 and older hope to stay in their homes as long as they can and experience #healthyaging. However, this also means that these aging people will require some level of service and support to live safely and successfully in their homes and communities.

The Older Americans Act (OAA) was created in 1965 for those aged 60 and older with the mission to assist older adults in different facets such as income, healthcare, housing, and more so that they can retire and live their remaining days in health, honor, and dignity. Currently, there are 622 Area Agencies on Agency (AAA) in the USA assisting older people to fulfill OAA’s mission. The AAAs play a key role in planning, developing, coordinating, and delivering a wide range of long-term services and support to elder consumers under their areas.

***Challenges in Healthcare Faced by the Aging Community and AAAs***
The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affected the lives of older people and how they live in their communities. Since their movements were naturally restricted, they needed in-home assistance more than ever. AAA in the USA saw a 70% rise in support and services required by their existing clients in areas of healthcare, nutrition, and referral/assistance. Due to COVID-19, AAAs have been adapting some programs to an online format including caregiver programs, evidence-based health, and wellness classes, general wellness programming.

AAAs are also facing challenges and need technological solutions to provide direct assistance on telehealth to clients and to have agency staff work remotely longer-term. can help in these areas and for #carecoordination.

“ assists Area Agencies on Aging in reaching consumers with person-centered communication. Plus, with real-time acuity scoring built-in, AAAs deliver efficient and effective care and can stratify their patients,” said Founder and Chairman Asif Khan. is participating in the Conference and rolling out its AAA services to achieve OAA’s mission and to help AAA adapt to its changing environment with its unique capabilities that are built to address the very issues faced by AAAs. With an easy to use, HIPAA compliant text messaging application, can be used by AAA to:

***Manage Consumer Risk in Real-time*** can highlight risks for interventions that support maximum independence. With the real-time acuity score feature, AAA can standardize separate assessment scores allowing them to better manage intensive caseload. Collaborators can also highlight older adults at greater risk and prioritize them through risk stratification. The availability of consumer journey maps means that AAA can track the history of each adult patient and the services/care they have received.

***Improve Transparency and Oversight Among Teams and Partners*** provides network performance visibility to improve the quality and efficiency of the service delivery network. There is greater accountability of results with partner reporting and reduced communication errors. The real-time messaging capability ensures that delays in #careteamcommunication are reduced. AAAs can create better and stronger connections with skilled nursing and hospital teams by allowing them to plan, schedule, and share relevant documents in real-time.

***Increase Supporting Staff Satisfaction Virtually and Reduce Employee Turnover*** provides easy communication and recognition for staff, partner employees and volunteers. All communication is centralized and teams can gain visibility with the app’s “Honor Points” feature that allows for recognition and appreciation of staff members who manage a greater load of challenging cases. is an efficient and effective messaging communication app that reduces the reliability on phone answering services, phone tag and missed connections. These help the staff feel more involved at the right time.

***Extend Consumer-Centered Reach with Tech-enabled Services*** can increase access to services remotely. Providers and facility staff can tag each other and receive timely notifications. A patient’s family member can also be added in separate conversations, keeping them updated about the care progress for ease of mind. alone can replace 5 traditional silo communication tools like fax, emails, text, phone, voicemail, making it super easy for staff members, patients, and family members to come together in one platform to achieve better patient outcomes.
See for more details about’s services for AAA.

About n4A:

The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) is a 501(c)(3) membership association representing America’s national network of 622 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and providing a voice in the nation’s capital for the more than 250 Title VI Native American aging programs.

Whether it is helping Washington set priorities, building the capacity of our members, raising the visibility of AAAs and Title VI programs nationwide, offering training and educational events, or working to drive excellence in the fields of Information & Referral/Assistance, transportation, livable communities and volunteerism, n4a is dedicated to supporting the success of its members.

About’s mobile/web apps allow for easy messaging among teams within an organization, with outside organizations, and with consumers & families (via a separate messaging mode) - all in person-centered context. is affordable, requires NO IT staff, launches in minutes, and provides deep care coordination analytics.

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