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PROTXX Phybrata Sensor Technology Selected by Neursantys for Wearable Neuroprosthetic Device


MENLO PARK, CA, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2021 / -- Menlo Park, California-based precision healthcare technology pioneer PROTXX today announced that the company’s phybrata neurophysiological impairment sensor technology has been selected for integration into neuroprosthetic devices being developed by Neursantys, a Chicago, Illinois- and Calgary, Alberta-based medical device company.

Phybrata sensing, a technology pioneered by PROTXX, is used to detect microscopic involuntary motions of the body caused by neurophysiological impairments that disrupt the body’s motor control. Measuring these motions at the head enables detection of signals that independently identify and quantify impairments to multiple physiological systems based on the unique contributions that they make to biomechanical stabilization of the head and eyes as the reference platform used by the body to enable balance and movement. PROTXX has previously shown that phybrata biomarkers enable detection and classification of neurological, sensory, and musculoskeletal impairments with performance that matches current gold standard laboratory solutions such as computerized dynamic posturography and video motion capture.

Neursantys has integrated phybrata sensing with non-invasive neurostimulation and machine learning into a powerful new class of wearable neuroprosthetic that delivers both diagnostic detection and therapeutic correction of neuromotor impairments caused by aging, injuries, and disease. The company’s first product, NEURVESTA, addresses a key challenge of normal healthy aging, which causes the average person to lose 40% of their balance function by the age of 70. The underlying neuromotor impairments increase the risk of fall-related injuries, reduce the ability to live independently, and degrade quality of life for over 35 million elderly people in North America alone. The NEURVESTA device utilizes a specialized form of neurostimulation know as Electrical Vestibular Stimulation (EVS) that can counteract impairments of the vestibular balance system caused by age-related degeneration, concussion injures, and other neurological conditions. Laboratory testing of the NEURVESTA technology at the University of Calgary Human Performance Lab has leveraged athletes with significant head impact exposure as an “accelerated aging” study cohort, since vestibular disruptions caused by aging are accelerated by repeated exposure to head impacts.

Ryan Peters, Neursantys Clinical Advisor and EVS researcher at the University of Calgary Human Performance Lab, commented: “The NEURVESTA integration of phybrata sensing with miniaturized non-invasive neurostimulation technology into a wearable form factor enables much lower cost, lower risk, and more widely accessible diagnostic assessments and therapeutic treatment of neuromotor impairments than current alternatives such as complex, dedicated laboratory analysis equipment, invasive neurosurgeries, and expensive pharmacological treatments. ”

Josh Roper, PROTXX Vice President of Operations, added: “We are excited to partner with Neursantys and the University of Calgary in the development of state-of-the art non-invasive neuroprosthetic devices such as NEURVESTA that have the potential to improve the diagnoses, treatment, and outcomes for tens of millions of people with neurophysiological impairments.”


About PROTXX, Inc. (
PROTXX innovations in wearable sensors, machine learning, and remote patient care transform the lives of tens of millions of people with complex neurophysiological medical conditions that can result from injuries, disease, and aging. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, the company is led by an accomplished team of IoT device and data platform engineers, clinical neurology researchers and practitioners, and digital healthcare business professionals, and is supported by a well-established network of R&D, manufacturing, clinical pilot, and business development partners in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Europe.

About Neursantys (
With offices in Chicago, Illinois and Calgary, Alberta, Neursantys creates innovative diagnostic and therapeutic wearable devices to address neurophysiological impairments caused by aging, injuries, and disease. The company’s first product, NEURVESTA, addresses age-related degradation of the highly sensitive vestibular balance organs in the inner ear, a key challenge of normal healthy aging. By enabling tens of millions of people to continue living independently for much longer, the NEURVESTA device and related services are positioned to become the cornerstone of an aging-in-place market already valued at $150B per year in the U.S. alone.

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