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Veritas Global Protection Offering Exotic Protection Plans

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2021 / -- Veritas Global Protection is a US-based company that provides vehicle protection plans. Since every driver has a different experience with their vehicle, this service offers various protection plans. This allows the client to get the best coverage for their vehicle.

One of Veritas’s unique protection plan services is the Exotic protection plan. With a name like this, many people are wondering what it entails. The Exotic plan is aimed at drivers who have the keys to specialty vehicles. People who are driving vehicles like:

Rolls Royce
Ferraris and other exotic cars

These plans come with every level of protection an exotic car driver needs.

Even the finest cars can run into problems on the road. This is why coverage is essential for every vehicle. Whether it's an old beatbox bought for $200 or a new luxury Bugatti, every car should have a protection plan when it's on the road.

Veritas Global Protection realizes that exotic cars need a different protection plan. Even exotic vehicle drivers have different requirements from one another, which is why there are three different exotic protection plans:

Preferred- covers powertrain and areas of the vehicle most likely to have issues
Deluxe- covers most major components of the luxury vehicle
Premier- highest level of coverage for exotic cars

Since Veritas protection plans are accepted at nearly all dealerships in North America. It's easier for those in the US and Canada to get their exotic vehicles covered.

When drivers have the exotic vehicle protection plan, they are covered for various scenarios. This even includes rental car coverage while the exotic vehicle is getting repaired. On top of that, they will also receive nationwide protection, transferable coverage, and trip interruption benefits.

Veritas Global Protection has provided drivers and vehicle dealerships with vehicle protection plans they can rely on. Elijah Norton founded this company in 2011 with only two employees under his watch. Over the past decade, it has grown into a successful company that people nationwide rely on.

People prefer the service they receive at Veritas compared to other protection plan companies. Their company instills excellent values in every client relationship. They are responsive to all clients and are transparent with every detail of the protection plan. This is just part of why Veritas Global Protection is the top provider.

Jacob Ingles
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