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Ian Marlow of Boca Raton Reviews the Growing Threat of Ransomware in the Digital Era

Ian Marlow of Boca Raton on the Growing Threat of Ransomware in the Digital Era

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES , January 6, 2022 / -- Ransomware is one of the biggest issues facing countless industries today. With so many businesses relying on the internet for their daily operations, hackers are looking to take advantage of this opportunity. Ransomware is a specific type of virus that encrypts all of the company’s files, making them completely unusable. Then, the hackers will demand a ransom in exchange for unlocking the files. Often, hackers request payment in cryptocurrency, which is difficult to trace. It is important to listen to experts in the industry, such as cybersecurity expert Ian Marlow, who can help companies take steps to protect against this type of virus.

Ransomware Often Stems from a Phishing Attack

Before hackers can upload ransomware to a network or server, they need to have access to it. Usually, they gain access through something called a phishing attack. Essentially, a phishing attack takes place when a hacker convinces someone to surrender his or her login credentials. Then, they use those login credentials to do damage to the network. Many phishing attacks take place via email, so it is important for people to beware of suspicious emails that may look like they are coming from a familiar source. According to Ian Marlow, there is a trick to see if an email is coming from a real or fake address. “Easy trick — put your mouse over the email address. Hover it over — it will tell you if it’s a real address or a fake address.”

The Issues With Paying the Ransom

Some people think that it is just easier to pay the ransom if they get hit by this type of virus; however, there are a lot of issues that come with paying the ransom. According to Ian Marlow, paying the ransom can cause hackers to become more daring. If they know people will pay the ransom, they may try to execute another attack. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that a company will get its files back just because they pay the ransom. The hackers could take the money, run, and never unlock the files.

The Best Way To Deal With Ransomware Is To Prevent It From Happening

With all of this in mind, the best way to deal with ransomware is to prevent this attack from happening in the first place. According to Ian Marlow, education is everything. People need to understand how to start a phishing attack. That way, they do not fall for it. Continuous training, software maintenance, and regular updates can also seal off vulnerabilities that would otherwise be open to exploitation.

Help Is Available To Guard Against Ransomware Attacks

Finally, companies should also remember that help is available. Ian Marlow is the CEO of FitechGelb and a cybersecurity expert who can help companies build strong defenses that can deter ransomware attacks. The internet will only become more important in the future, so hackers will continue to work to find ways around cybersecurity defenses. This is one of the biggest reasons why companies need to rely on a professional service that has experience protecting against viruses, malware, and other external threats.

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