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The Institute of Space Commerce (ISC) Top Five Space Predictions For 2022 To Be THE Break Out Year for Space

Institute of Space Commerce

"Back to Earth What Life in Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet—And Our Mission to Protect It" by Nicole Stott

Illustration of NASA astronauts on the lunar South Pole. Credit: NASA

Photo Credit: SpaceX -- Inspiration 4 Mission

The space industry is well past ignition and is on its way”
— Chris Stott
AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, January 12, 2022 / -- Following a powerful and exciting year in space in 2021 with 135 orbital launches and nearly 8,000 satellites in orbit, the Institute of Space Commerce (ISC) has declared 2022 as the break out year for the space industry and gives its Top Five Space Predictions for 2022.

The Space industry continued to show great resilience during the global pandemic with growth, immense breakthroughs, and several achievements. “The past year has set the industry for success in all its domains, creating opportunities for science, space exploration, businesses, and most importantly, addressing climate change. The question is, can this momentum be sustained? Will space continue to launch in 2022 or will it sit still on its proverbial launch pad?,” emphasized Elias de Andrade Jr, ISC Executive Director.

Prediction #1: James Webb Telescope Success

The world received a Christmas present with the nerve wrecking but successful liftoff of James Webb Telescope which is on its journey to reach orbit 1 million miles away from Earth. The $10 billion dollar telescope is the biggest ever put in space and will observe the farthest light can touch.

We predict stunning views of the Cosmos as its global team of leading scientists dive into the depths of the universe and time itself.

Prediction #2: Satellites Bring Global Connectivity to 75%

Of the estimated 8 billion people in the world, over 3.4 billion of our fellow humans still lack connectivity. Satellite companies globally are working to meet this demand and to meet this need. It’s a stretch in 12 months, we know, but we hope to see the appliance of market economics and satellite communications bring human connectivity up to 75% of the global population this year. We look forward to the day when all of us are online and all of humanity’s collective thinking power is part of the human conversation.

Prediction #3: China will complete its Tiangong space station.

The New Space Race is in full swing. On one side the international community of free nations working in Low Earth Orbit together on the International Space Station. On the other side the world’s totalitarian states led by China are working on their own space station. Freedom versus tyranny. These are the stakes in the new space race. China will complete its Tiangong space station.

Prediction #4: Starship will Fly but where to?

Never bet against Elon Musk and his incredible team at SpaceX led by the supremely skilled Gwynne Shotwell. We predict that 2022 is the year of the Starship. But where could it fly to? There is a conjunction with Mars this year and the orbital mechanics are just right. Let’s support them and see.

Prediction #5: America and Western democracies will return to the Moon

2022 marks 50 years since Apollo 17, the last American mission to the surface of the Moon. 2022 also marks the debut of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services missions with Intuitive Machines of Houston, TX and Astrobotic of Pittsburgh, PA scheduled to fly to the Moon this year. The spirit of free enterprise lifting them on pillars of fire from Cape Canaveral to return to the Moon carrying payloads for NASA and a host of free nations and companies seeking to build out the New Lunar Economy. We will break records on the Moon and Mars in 2022, and we may see the first cryptocurrency token print in space. Hot jets, All!

Some news from the Institute of Space Commerce in 2021

Together in the space industry, the Institute made great progress in 2021. We have added four new fellows to our team and elected a new director. We have supported several publications, awarded films, and we’ve been present in major international space conferences, such as the Global Expert Group on Sustainable Lunar Activities (GEGSLA) and the largest seminar on space law in Brazil promoted by its national Bar association. The ISC has also interviewed great figures in the industry, such as Sir Richard Branson and the Vatican Observatory, besides publishing several press releases and making public all assets in our library. “At the ISC, we are a team on fire, and we will put a lot more into orbit when the pandemic is finally over the horizon,” stressed Michael Potter and Chris Stott, ISC Co-Founders.

The ISC would like to recognize the landing of NASA’s Perseverance Rover and the flights of Ingenuity Helicopter on Mars as one of the greatest and most exciting achievements of the year. The red planet has also been visited by the UAE Hope Mars Mission that is exploring its atmosphere and the Chinese Mars lander, Tianwen 1, which also composes great excitement for interplanetary exploration.

In commercial space, the ISC greatly notes the breakthroughs of Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX with all their very first tourist rides to the edge of Earth with the cosmos. As the biggest examples of New Space, the big three have conquered the final frontier after decades of anticipation, setbacks, and criticisms. Space tourism is now a cemented building block of the industry, creating a market and most importantly, creating jobs. Moreover, SpaceX has extended the commercial space footprint with the first commercial launch of crewmembers to the International Space Station (ISS).

Many efforts are being made worldwide to address climate change, but we would like to highlight here one, the NASA’s Parker Probe that has just touched our Sun, another breakthrough in space exploration. Data from Parker will be crucial to the understanding of the Sun’s impact on climate.

Global space spending is now in excess of $500 billion dollars annually. It was a hot year with launch records globally and many breakthroughs in space exploration. The test campaign of Orion’s components for Artemis 1 has made progress. “The space industry is well past ignition and is on its way" added Chris Stott.

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