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“University Hindu Chaplaincy” Fellowship Program Launched by Hindu Community Institute & Motwani Jadeja Foundation

Board members and faculty with the graduating class of Counselor of Hindu Tradition

HCI Faculty with the graduating Counselor of Hindu Tradition class

Three graduates of HCI’s CHT program, currently pursuing GTU’s Interreligious Chaplaincy Program

The first three HCI graduates pursuing Interreligious Chaplaincy Program (ICP) at Graduate Theological Union: Ashis Khan, MSEE & graduate of IIT, Kharagpur; Usha Narasimhan, MBA; Neeti Soota, MS

This first of its kind Fellowship program offers tuition grants for qualified applicants to become Hindu Chaplains at universities

HCI is delighted to offer this unique University Chaplaincy training program in cooperation with the prestigious Graduate Theological Union (GTU) at Berkeley”
— Gaurav Rastogi, HCI Dean and Board member
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 / -- The Hindu Community Institute (HCI) today announced it had received funding for a new fellowship program from the Motwani Jadeja Foundation (MJF). Under the “MJF-HCI Chaplaincy Fellowships” program, tuition grants will be offered to qualified university faculty members, administrators, and others enrolling to become Hindu Chaplains at universities.

In announcing the program, Dr. Kailash Joshi, HCI President said “this first of its kind fellowship program will fill a growing need for spiritual support, rooted in Hindu tradition and wisdom, on university campuses. Such support has been readily available for students from other major traditions on most campuses.”

Ms. Asha Jadeja, President of MJF added that “a growing population of Hindu students born in the US has a particular need for guidance by trained Chaplains. It is therefore very important for the community to support the training of University Chaplains. MJF is very pleased to be a part of such a high-value program”.

Mr. Gaurav Rastogi, HCI Dean and Board member added “HCI is delighted to offer this unique University Chaplaincy training program in cooperation with the prestigious Graduate Theological Union (GTU) at Berkeley. Under this program, interested University faculty, administrators, and other qualified candidates will be offered tuition fellowships for the online courses offered by HCI and GTU respectively. The program will offer flexibility in schedule to allow applicants to complete their courses comfortably.”

Dr. Joshi summarized how HCI’s pathway to Hindu Chaplaincy has received strong endorsement and support from HCI’s partner organizations and supporters.

GTU Director Dr. Kamal Abu-Shamsieh stated, “The Interreligious Chaplaincy Program (ICP) at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) welcomes scholars from all traditions and fully supports the unique University Chaplaincy program offered by HCI and MJF.”

Head of Spiritual Directors International (SDI), Rev. Anil Singh-Molares commented "over the last few years I have watched with admiration as HCI has developed and evolved a world-class program. This program fills a significant void, allowing the riches of the Hindu tradition to be offered on campuses, hospitals, and other places in need l”.

Dr. Asha Shipman, Yale University Hindu Chaplain and Hindu Chair of the North American Hindu Chaplains Association (NAHCA) welcomed the HCI-MJF plan and commented “ We need more Hindu chaplains; their heart-centered spiritual care will help not only individuals but strengthen, inspire and invigorate our communities. I look forward to welcoming graduates as members of NAHCA.”

Renowned Vedic scholar and computer scientist Prof. Subhash Kak of Oklahoma State University added “I support the vision of Hindu Chaplaincy on campuses wholeheartedly. It is certainly needed in the United States; it can also serve as a model for other countries to emulate.”

Inquiries about the fellowships may be addressed to or Phone: +1408-982-3542

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