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KOGOPAY Pulls off Radical, Inaugural Forum to Promote Tech-Heavy Financial Inclusion

Dr Narisa Chauvidal-Aw Founder of KogoPay with Awad Mohammed Sheikh Bin Mujreen

Dr Narisa Chauvidal-Aw Founder of KogoPay with Awad Mohammed Sheikh Bin Mujreen

Dr Narisa Chauvidal-Aw

Dr Narisa Chauvidal-Aw Founder of KogoPay

On 28th June in Dubai, Fintech startup KogoPAY hosted a successful forum themed ‘Technology as an Enabler for Financial Inclusion’.

The opportunity to leverage technology gives the next generation of companies a chance to tackle the mammoth problem of more than 1 billion people being unbanked.”
— Dr Narisa Chauvidal-Aw
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 14, 2022 / -- On 28th June in Dubai, fintech startup KogoPAY hosted a forum at the One & Only Royal Mirage on the theme of ‘Technology as an Enabler for Financial Inclusion’ to bring together great minds and collectively progress the aims and values of the industry.

Experts from fintech and business alongside renowned academics coalesced at the groundbreaking TechKogo forum under a mission guided by Dr Narisa Chauvidal-Aw, the driving force behind the forum and founder of KogoPAY. Instrumental to the event’s success was the organisational efforts of Marlene Murphy whose team helped make Dr Narisa’s vision a reality.

The event was under the patronage of Awad Mohammed Sheikh Bin Mujreen. Also in attendance were Her Excellency Laila Rhail El Eftani and ambassador Sandeep Metha. Other attendees included big players in the space from as far as Zambia, the UK, Philippines, Switzerland, and Israel.

Notable for her own success story, Dr Narisa obtained a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and has worked to create KogoPAY in the vision of a fintech company which gives back to communities as much as it profits. A crowning jewel of her meteoric rise was being featured in the official commemorative album as part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The theme of corporate social responsibility formed the cornerstone of the TechKogo Forum, to promote education for socially conscious tech companies. The event is planned to run quarterly and will be organised again in October after it enjoyed considerable uptake and success.

The TechKogo Forum was hosted in association with social enterprise The Artepreneurs, whose initiative “Bridging the Digital Divide” strikes a chord with the core values of KogoPAY.

A series of presentations took place about modern technology, its applications and business innovation designed to bridge knowledge gaps in the international community as well as promote financial inclusion for SMEs.

Topics on offer at the TechKogo Forum included how to ensure cybersecurity on nascent blockchain solutions are up to scratch and leveraging the technology to create a sustainable future.

Dr Narisa Chauvidal-Aw said: “We were delighted to see such a great turnout for what we believe is a vital set of principles for not just fintech, but socially conscious business in all industries. Financial inclusion will not be achieved by one platform. We need to see uptake across the board and around the world.

“The opportunity to leverage technology, including blockchain, gives the next generation of companies a chance to tackle the mammoth problem of more than 1 billion people being unbanked. More to the point, we hope to encourage more businesses and startups to put social impact at the heart of their activities and pay it forward more often.

“A massive thank you to Awad Mohammed Sheikh Bin Mujreen who we were delighted to see attend as our guest of honour and to to Marlene Murphy, CEO and Founder of The Artepreneurs. The patronage of key figures will be instrumental in driving the change we want to see in the world.”

About KogoPAY
KogoPAY is a socially conscious fintech company that provides banking services, IBAN accounts for B2B, a mobile e-wallet and plans to implement a crypto wallet. A focus on digital currencies promises rapid expansion into emerging markets as adoption continues to grow and a seamless cross-border payment system becomes the norm. In the future central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) will also be compatible with the platform. Go to

Dr Narisa Chauvidal-Aw has extensive experience as a chief financial officer for a range of medium-sized companies and holds a PhD in compliance and information systems. She formerly taught at the London School of Economics and has accumulated numerous awards for her work including Women in Tech 2019 Global Award winner - Start Up, 2019; WinTrade Global Award winner 2021, Women in Banking & Finance, and Winner Go Global Award 2021, Fintech.

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