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Lift Clinic is now offering IPL & BBL Forever Young™ Photofacial by Sciton

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Lift Clinic Toronto | Toronto’s top cosmetic clinic

 IPL laser and BBL treatments in Toronto

IPL laser and BBL treatments in Toronto

Toronto’s top cosmetic clinic is introducing the best IPL treatment with new packages to celebrate.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 20, 2022 / -- As people shift away from heavy makeup and move towards targeted skincare, Lift Clinic Toronto is now offering the best IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) facial to go make-up free, called Broadband Light (BBL) Forever Young™ Photofacial by Sciton. Driven by leaders in the aesthetic field, downtown Toronto’s top medical spa announced they will begin offering packages of BBL skin treatments to empower men and women to feel confident and beautiful without a stitch of makeup on.

BBL is the world’s most powerful version of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), using various wavelengths of light to remove brown spots, spider veins and broken blood vessels. BBL facial treatments remove visible signs of aging on all areas of the body, including the full face,neck, and decolletage, arms, back/abdomen, and legs. BBL laser treatments are only offered at Toronto’s top cosmetic skin clinics.

Why get IPL laser treatments? IPL and BBL benefits people with the following skin concerns:
• Acne and acne scars
• Rosacea and spider veins, broken blood vessels
• Cherry angiomas
• Birthmarks
• Brown spots and sun spots (hyperpigmentation)
• Sun damage
• Wrinkles and collagen loss

The best time to get IPL and BBL treatments at one of Toronto’s top medical spa clinics is to start in your mid-20’s if you notice brown spots, broken blood vessels, or skin laxity. The best IPL and BBL treatments should be performed in the fall and winter as there is less sun exposure during this time of the year. The recommended series of treatments is one treatment a month for three months in a row, with anywhere from two to six treatments required depending on specific skin goals. Each treatment builds on the next one, and since skin cells turnover every 30 days, we give the skin time to regenerate between treatments.

“Sciton’s BBL is a dramatic game-changer for the world of IPL treatments,” said Lindsay Jones, Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner, Medical Director and Owner of Lift Clinic Toronto. “Compared to IPL laser, BBL treatments offer more wavelengths of light, better customizability, and the strongest light therapy on the market at no cost to the patient, to achieve significantly greater results.” Lindsay shares, “Stanford researchers discovered routine BBL treatments made the skin look and act younger, which proves BBL activates younger genes and deactivates aging genes. This is important in treating and preventing skin aging, as people turn away from using makeup to hide their skin, and move towards confidently revealing healthy, glowing skin.”

There are countless benefits to IPL laser and BBL treatments offered at the best cosmetic clinic in Toronto, including:
• BBL is minimally invasive
• BBL improves skin tone and texture
• BBL treatments have virtually no downtime
• BBL treatments are quick and painless

The two criteria to be able to receive the best BBL treatment in Toronto includes (1) not having tanned skin - including self-tanner and spray tans, and (2) stopping the use of retinol for one week prior to the treatment. Since IPL laser and BBL treatments cannot differentiate between pigmented (tanned) skin and brown spots, it is important to avoid having tanned skin for two weeks prior to receiving an IPL and BBL treatment.

For a holistic approach, IPL laser and BBL treatments are recommended to be completed alongside the best Botox in Toronto, dermal fillers in Toronto (, Microneedling with Radiofrequency (, and the best facial in Toronto such as Bela MD, to enhance the skin complexion, further prevent lines and wrinkles, restore volume loss in the face, and tighten the skin. For a limited time only, Lift Clinic Toronto offers the Diamond Glow package - with every package of three IPL and BBL treatments, receive one complimentary Bela MD facial valued at $300.

Lift Clinic Toronto only delivers the best in IPL beauty technology, with Sciton’s BBL recently winning NewBeauty Magazine’s Beauty Choice Awards for 2021. In the realm of IPL laser treatments, BBL offers the best quality and efficacy, with countless studies supporting its anti-aging benefits. BBL is recognized for delivering dramatic tonal and textural improvements from head-to-toe, including clearer, smoother, younger, and healthier looking skin. There is no limit to BBL treatments as your skin becomes progressively stronger and healthier with every treatment.

Lift Clinic Toronto is the best contemporary medical spa and skin clinic in downtown Toronto. Locally in central King West, Lift Clinic is a space where you go to feel confident and beautiful. Lindsay started Lift to provide a clinic that boosts self-confidence. Lift Clinic Toronto runs on the ethos that aims to empower men and women to look and feel their best.

Ultimately, the best skin clinic in Toronto is Lift Clinic Toronto. For anyone looking to reverse signs of aging from brown spots and spider veins, BBL facial treatments should be at the top of the list. The results speak for themselves. As skincare becomes the new makeup, BBL will quickly become part of your best facial routine.

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