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Latinas in the United States prioritize education and work: Angelica Fuentes

Latina women are defining the cultural narrative and reaching new levels of representativeness.

NYC, NY, USA, August 11, 2022 / -- "Latina women are defining the cultural narrative and reaching new levels of representativeness. The have assumed positions of influence that seemed unattainable decades ago," says Angelica Fuentes.

Fuentes, a gender equality advocate, explains this progress in the context of an increase in the number of Latina women living in the United States and occupying leadership roles.

Data presented in Telemundo's "Latinas Powering Forward" report indicate that the population of Latinas under the age of 40 has grown 55% in the last 20 years.

Of the 29 million Latina women in the USA, 65% are under 40 years old. These new generations have chosen to prioritize their education and professional development.

Between 2000 and 2017, Latinas went from 27% to 47% of the millennial population. After many years of falling through the cracks of the system, more and more Latina women are now seeking higher education.

The same report explains that the female labor force of Latinas has grown by 93% compared to 71% of Latinos.

However, the gender wage gap still holds them back earning 54 cents for every dollar that non-Hispanic white men receive.

"Although there is progress in access to education, Latina women are still discriminated in the workplace, which is reflected in their salaries."

"The problem is systemic and leads us to think that the potential of Latinas remains untapped." says Angelica Fuentes.

The advocate of gender equality points to a change in the trend that, although minimal, generates more spaces for Latina women.

Companies and organizations that have opted to lead the transformation are taking advantage of this; they are relying on Latinas' cultural push.

"The empowerment of female Latina voices is an inspiration. We are being recognized as capable, hard-working, and tenacious women, that can give greater opportunities to future generations, so that their social and economic position become stronger."

"The United States recognizes that there is no more powerful voice than Latinas. There is no vote more desired than the one of Latinas. Giving them space in the present will leave a well-forged path that will enhance the future, which will be prosperous and much more equal."

Marcela Aguilar
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