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Pamela Jane Nye: A Maverick Nurse Guiding Nurses in Today's World of Burnout, Business and Entrepreneurship Challenges

Pamela Jane Nye, CEO/Neuroscience Nursing, Ltd; Founder/CEO/Exec. Director of Operation Scrubs, Inc. nonprofit; aka: "The Vaccinator"

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MALIBU, CA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2023/ -- While Pamela Jane Nye, guides nurses in today's world of nurse burnout, business and entrepreneurship challenges, her 12-hour/7-day “retirement bliss” work schedule and National Nurses Week just a month away, one might think getting interview time with Pam is problematic. And they’d be correct.

From her assistant, however, since tending her resignation at UCLA Medical Center in 2019, Pam's retirement bliss routine includes her Associate Professorship at UCLA School of Nursing; Founder/CEO of the Operation Scrubs nonprofit; Executive Director of THE NURSES WALL (a global nurse-appreciative public’s 2023 gift to the world’s 20 million unsung hero nurses during this year’s National Nurses Week celebration); and day-to-day duties as CEO of Neuroscience Nursing Ltd., and the Los Angeles Nurse Network.

As an Associate Professor at UCLA School of Nursing, Pam's notes indicate she's attempting "to nudge Dean Zhan into the area of entrepreneurial curricula.”

Other notes reflect: Pam’s starting a national conversation with the American Nurses Association about the absence of a nursing curriculum for entrepreneurial nursing, starting with UCLA (Dr. Ali Tayyeb) and Christiana Care (Dr. Michelle Collins); the plan is to expand and include ANA. She and ANA also collaborated on the creation of "The Nursing Sandbox," a program for nurses who seek mentors and seed money for start-up businesses in nursing.

For the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS), Pam wrote her 5th article on entrepreneurial nursing and is about to start writing a 6th. Moreover, NACNS has asked Pam to develop a 3-Part webinar for their members on non-traditional roles as CNS and Entrepreneurial work for the CNS. Also for the California Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (CACNS), Pam was recently appointed the President-Elect for 2023. and at the organization's quarterly education meeting on April 1, 2023, spoke on Non-traditional roles for the CNS and Entrepreneurial work.

Her twelve yearly Pamela Jane Nye Working Nurse Scholarships are now global with the University of Wollongong in Australia being the first international and now yearly scholarship recipient.

Locally, Pam will be a featured speaker on April 19th, 2023, at the Fernando Valley Association of Critical Care Nurses, speaking at the Spring Conference on Innovation in Nursing.

Courses Pam developed for nurses in business include Six Saturdays to a Nursing Business (a biannual course offering Spring and Fall); Nurses in Business as a weekend course; and private coaching for nurses.

Recent articles for Clinical Nurse Specialist: Journal of Advanced Practice Nursing include: Nye, P. Utilizing Your Expertise as a Nurse Consultant. Clinical Nurse Specialist; Advanced Practice Nursing. May/June 2023. Not yet published; Nye, P. The valuable skill of the nurse grant writer. Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Practice Nursing. March/April 2023. Vol. 37(2). Pg. 61-63; Nye, P. Concierge nurse case manager. Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Practice Nursing. January/February 2023. Vol. 37 (1) Pg. 11-13; Expand professionally; become a nurse coach. Clinical Nurse Specialist: The Journal for Advanced Practice Nursing. November/December 2022. Vol 36(6). Pg. 295-297

Rumor stopper: Pam says she "did not cheat destiny; she renegotiated!"

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