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Beryllium Matrix Composite Market to Reach US$136.8 million by 2027 - IndustryARC


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Beryllium Matrix Composite Market size is forecast to reach US$136.8 million by 2027 after growing at a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period 2022-2027.

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, January 25, 2023 / -- The Beryllium Matrix Composite market size is forecast to reach US$136.8 million by 2027 after growing at a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period 2022-2027. Beryllium is one of the lightest of all metals. On account of its unique chemical properties, beryllium is vital for many products and components used in the aerospace and defense, electronics, and automotive industries. Beryllium copper alloys are manufactured by making a master alloy containing 3.5% – 10% beryllium in a copper matrix. Beryllium-copper alloys are used as contacts and connectors, and heat sinks. Beryllium-aluminum metal composites, which combine the ease of fabrication of aluminum alloys with the thermal conductivity and highly elastic modulus of beryllium, are ideal for producing aircraft and satellite structural components. These matrix composites are generally produced by powder metallurgy. The growth of the internet of things drives the beryllium matrix composite market.

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Key takeaways:

This IndustryARC report on the Beryllium Matrix Composite market highlights the following areas -

1. Asia-Pacific dominates the Beryllium Matrix Composite Market on account of the automotive and electronics industry in the region. According to India Brand Equity Foundation, the electronics industry in India is expected to reach US$540 billion by 2025.

2. Beryllium matrix composites are usually beryllium aluminum alloys or beryllium copper alloys derived by powder metallurgy process.

3. Beryllium matrix composites are widely used in the aerospace and defense industry.

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Segmental Analysis:

1. Beryllium Matrix Composite Market Segment Analysis – By Type : Beryllium-aluminum alloys are extraordinarily strong but also lightweight. That makes it ideal for applications where weight reduction is highly prized such as in satellites and rockets. Beryllium-aluminum alloys add lightness and strength to many aerospace applications. They are also highly resistant to corrosion & oxidation and can withstand rapid environmental changes without losing structural integrity.

2. Beryllium Matrix Composite Market Segment Analysis – By Application : The aerospace industry always seeks materials that can help reduce weight to save on fuel costs. The use of aluminum–beryllium metal matrix composite, is an effective way to reduce the size and weight of many structural aerospace components that are currently made out of aluminum and titanium alloys. The composite’s high stiffness and its above-average strength-to-weight ratio make it an ideal material to increase the performance of weight-critical aerospace components.

3. Beryllium Matrix Composite Market Segment Analysis – By Geography : Asia-Pacific region held the largest share in the beryllium matrix composite market in 2021 up to 44% owing to the automotive and electronics industries in the region. Because of its high strength, conductivity, and resistance to stress relaxation, beryllium-copper is used as a contact material in automotive applications and high-performance electronics.

Competitive landscape:

The top 5 players in the Beryllium Matrix Composite industry are:

1. Materion Inc.
2. American Elements
3. IBC Advanced Alloys
4. Acal BFI
5. Nuclear Metals Inc.

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