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Amazon Vs Walmart: The Impact Of The Future Ecommerce Landscape

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Walmart Sellers winning with Technology

sell on walmart

Sellers at Walmart are prospering due to the utilization of cutting-edge technology.

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Discover the impact of Amazon and Walmart on the future of Ecommerce. Find out the differences between the two retail giants and how they shape online shopping.

Before we created WallySmarter, third-party sellers had no resources focused on Walmart’s marketplace. Given that the face of e-commerce is undergoing a huge change, sellers need WallySmarter more.”
— Lewis Civin, Founder of
NEW YORK, USA, February 13, 2023 / -- It looks like 2023 is going to be a big year for e-commerce, with online stores expected to have an influx of over 265 million US shoppers. As consumerism continues to evolve, we will see further advancements and changes throughout online shopping.

When looking at the landscape of e-commerce, it is difficult to ignore two of America’s leading digital retailers, Amazon and Walmart. For a significant amount of time, Amazon has outshined Walmart, upholding its dominance in the e-commerce industry.

However, in response to the ever-changing trends in digital consumerism, Walmart has implemented new strategies and is catching up with Amazon’s success.

Walmart’s low prices, fulfillment services (such as their ‘2-day delivery’), and a vast array of products have increased their popularity, causing this brick-and-mortar retailer to pick up their pace and fall closely behind Amazon.

Shoppers are not the only ones turning to Walmart. With lower selling fees and storage fees compared to Amazon, many independent online retailers opt to sell on Walmart's online marketplace.

This draws the focus to another aspect of e-commerce: the transformation of online seller strategies. Seller-focused software is a key area within this domain, which has undergone drastic changes in response to the impressive trajectory of online shopping.

To keep pace with the rapid evolution of the e-commerce industry, various technological advancements such as the Walmart tracker have emerged, and more are expected to emerge in the future.

One digital seller software which particularly stands out from the rest is WallySmarter. This platform is the first of its kind, offering Walmart’s third-party sellers exclusive insights into relevant market data, at a remarkably affordable price. WallySmarter CEO, Lewis Civin, shared:

“Before we created WallySmarter, third-party sellers had no resources focused on Walmart’s marketplace. Given that the face of e-commerce is undergoing a huge metamorphosis, and Walmart is unceasingly growing bigger, sellers need WallySmarter more than ever.”

Since its arrival in 2022, WallySmarter has become the most trusted Walmart-focused software for sellers, providing users with an extensive collection of bespoke purpose-made tools, such as a Walmart Sales Estimator, intended to magnify the success of independent retailers.

Consciously designed to host every feature in one place, this online arbitrage software delivers valuable information in an accessible and easy-to-follow manner, enabling anyone to utilize its tools and reap the benefits

Profit can still be made from e-commerce without being a retailer By joining the WallySmarter Affiliate Program, and Earn up to 50% commission, and tracking earnings daily. With the digital marketplace stronger than ever, and WallySmarter’s ongoing success, becoming an affiliate will undoubtedly enhance income.

With the help of expert developers, Carbon6 launched WallySmarter in 2022, intending to empower independent retailers and provide them with the information they need in order to succeed. Boasting an array of premium strategic tools, WallySmarter has helped hundreds of sellers optimize their performance and achieve their goals.

Sign up to WallySmarter today, and enjoy a 7-day free trial (no credit card details necessary!).

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Overview Of WallySmarter Walmart Seller Tools