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Royal Cyber Announces Launch of No Code Test Automation Platform- GoTestPro

Role-based security testing Dashboard

Role-based security testing Dashboard

A cloud-native comprehensive test automation solution with a new SaaS-based solution supporting enterprise apps, APIs, and business process testing.

We aim to help companies simplify their testing processes and achieve quality goals that can execute the test plans 5x faster.”
— Mustafa Pesh
NAPERVILLE, IL, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2023/ -- Royal Cyber, a global IT consulting company that helps accelerate next-gen digital transformation across modern businesses, has recently unveiled its latest automated testing solution- GoTestPro.

Test Automation has become Vital for any application/Product testing for its quality and completeness. In addition, the test automation solution's efficiency and effectiveness will help reduce maintenance costs; Testing efforts thus provide higher ROI while adhering to organizational standards.

GoTestPro is a cloud-native comprehensive test automation solution that enables organizations to optimize their testing efforts, reduce costs, and improve product quality. This advanced tool provides end-to-end automation capabilities, including Automation Test Creation, test execution, and reporting. In addition, With GoTestPro Robust Features and integrations across multiple platforms, companies can easily automate their entire testing process and streamline their testing efforts.

Traditional software testing methods are time-consuming, error-prone, and often require significant human resources. GoTestPro, being a codeless Automation Platform with Advanced features, organizations can eliminate manual testing and streamline their software development processes. In addition, the solution allows for the creation and execution of automated tests with 100% test coverage, enabling teams to detect defects earlier in the development cycle and deliver higher quality software 5x faster.

GoTestPro's key features include the following:
• Autohealing- Execute scripts without waiting for elements to be recognized by the automation tool. This extension recognizes the element by detecting alternate locator values.
• Web Test Recorder: The Recorder extension allows testers to interact with applications under test and records every navigation.
• Visual Validation: Detect visual differences across test environments and designs.
API Testing: Test API requests and ensure communication between API endpoint and servers.
• Parallel Cross-Browser Test Execution: Executes the test simultaneously across Multi OS Browsers.
• CT In CI/CD - GoTestPro features enable continuous testing in CI/CD process, thus helping detect defects in the early stage and reducing overall time and effort for QA process completion.
• On-Prem Execution and Debugging: Execute test scripts and reduce errors within the local server stage.
• Test Scheduler: Prioritize tasks and meet deadlines by scheduling tests through an easy-to-use interface.

"We're excited to introduce GoTestPro to the market," said Ranga Poreddy, Head of Product at GoTestPro. "We aim to help companies simplify their testing processes and achieve quality goals. With GoTestPro, companies can execute their test plans 5x faster. Thus, we're confident our customers can achieve faster time-to-market and reduce their overall testing costs."

GoTestPro is 100% codeless, allowing even non-technical team members to create, execute and manage tests. In addition, the solution includes a visual interface that simplifies test creation and management and supports a wide range of testing types, including functional, performance, and role-based security testing.

In addition to improving software quality, GoTestPro helps organizations reduce costs and manual effort by up to 80%.

By automating the testing process, teams can test their applications faster and more frequently with adequate test coverage, reducing the likelihood of defects and the need for costly rework. Furthermore, companies reduce repository redundancy with reusable test scenarios while increasing efficiency and reliability.

Royal Cyber is committed to providing its customers with the best software testing solutions. With the launch of GoTestPro, the company is proud to continue its tradition of delivering innovative and reliable products.

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