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New All-Temperature AMRs Provide Easy Material Handling in Frozen, Chilled and Ambient Warehouses


Conveyco offers a new line of frozen, chilled, and ambient AMR robotics for warehouses

All-Temperature Pallet Storage, Order Fulfillment, and Case Handling Robotic AMRs Provide Easy Material Handling in Frozen, Chilled and Ambient Warehouses

Robotic AMRs, now capable of operating in every temperature, are critical for cold chain warehouses. Every AMR can move autonomously from ambient to chilled and frozen without any operational issues”
— Ed Romaine
BRISTOL, CT, USA, April 2, 2024 / -- Conveyco now offers a new line of frozen, chilled, and ambient AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) that provide order fulfillment, replenishment, transportation, and storage and retrieval for environmentally controlled warehouses, saving organizations labor, forklifts, and floor space.

These AMRs allow inventory to move between different environmentally controlled zones without any hesitation. Unlike other AMRs that are restrained to one freezer, chilled, or ambient zone to protect their sensors, batteries, and system longevity. The new line of AMRs is designed to function in all environmental zones.

Whether your application is pallet storage using cold warehouse pallet shuttles, case and pallet transportation, or AMR order fulfillment, Conveyco has a an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology designed to fit your application, throughput, facility, and budget.

This technology provides the unique ability to operate in frozen environments as low as minus 13 degrees F (minus 25 degrees C) and in ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) while carrying loads up to 2,645 lbs. (1200kg). Each AMR has up to eight hours of battery life between opportunity charging allowing them to operate as needed in active warehouses seamlessly. Additionally, the robotic solutions integrated by Conveyco can move in and out of varying temperatures without condensation buildup.

A wide range of designs allows for easy handling of pallets, carts, rolls, racks, and more. Load sizes can range up to 56.5” x 29.9” x 6.9” (1435 x 760 x 176 mm) in size.

Integrated lidar and 3D cameras allow these AMRs to autonomously navigate even complex routes and can be evaluated in real-time to avoid obstacles or change routes to speed delivery. These models can navigate in smaller spaces than forklifts and AGVs, plus they operate and provide higher levels of safety than most other systems.

The All-Temperature AMRs are ideal for a wide range of applications ranging from storage and retrieval, replenishment, order picking, transportation, workstation deliveries, and returns handling. The Conveyco AMRs integrate seamlessly with existing ERP, WMS, and WES software systems to provide real-time levels of visibility, optimum performance, and easy management.

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