10 useful site tips for new EIN Newsdesk users

  1. We update in real-time. Come back every day — throughout the day — because the news is constantly updated. We index more than 100,000 articles everyday.
  2. Do you have news to share? More than 3 million people use this site. Consider uploading your news and event & conference notices to share with other readers - and beyond with our EIN Presswire distribution services. Visit http://www.einpresswire.com
  3. Journalists can upgrade to a full membership for FREE. Click here to learn more.
  4. Need to know more about EIN News? Additional information about EIN News can be found here.
  5. If you upgrade to full member status you will avoid being locked out on member-only days and will enjoy an advertising FREE desktop.
  6. The left column of the service contains links to productivity and account management tools which can be used to manipulate and manage your news. You have control over viewing sources, feed statistics, email newsletters, RSS Feeds, bookmarks, etc. The center column contains the main news index feeds. In the right column press releases and events & conferences listings are presented.
  7. Use the Power Search feature to customize your news results. You may exclude content and set date ranges.
  8. Use the breadcrumbing navigation to dig in deeper. We have hundreds of thousands of editor-created feeds for you to choose from — or you can make your own.
  9. Need an in-house clipping service? Any news search string can be automated to send you a daily email newsletter or fed to you by RSS. All you need to do is click on the Get News Feed by Email or Get News By RSS links on the left column of the page. Look for the Manage My Newsletters and Manage my RSS feeds to stay organized.
  10. You can suggest topics! We want to shape the editorial services around your interests. Just use http://www.einnews.com/contact.