Higher Education Open Day

Date: 19-Aug-17 to 19-Aug-17
Location: Morley College London / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education Conferences & Trade Fairs

HNDs are two-year higher qualifications that are equivalent to the first two years of university, but they’re taught over just three days per week and have much lower fees. They’re a great option if you want to go further in your study and improve your career prospects but are worried about the expense or time commitment of doing a full degree. They’re recognised professional qualifications and our courses are designed to give you the practical work skills you’ll need to build your career, so you could look for work once you graduate. Or if you want to continue your study even further, many UK universities offer top-up degree programmes for HND graduates.

These will be offered in the following subjects:

•BTEC HND in Business

•BTEC HND Art and Design (Fashion)

•BTEC HND Art and Design (Product Design) - Ceramics Pathway

•BTEC HND in Health and Social Care

•BTEC HND in Music (Performance and Production)

•BTEC HND in Performing Arts

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