How to find work that makes your heart sing

Date: 11-Sep-17 to 11-Sep-17
Location: Conway Hall / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education Culture, Society & Lifestyle

Creative thinker, consultant, coach and Eyes Wide Opened co-founder, Alastair Creamer on why we ask ourselves the wrong question with ‘What do you want to do?’. We should instead focus on who we are, what drives us and what our unique story is, and, most importantly, on finding our ‘why’.

Eyes Wide Opened ( is a work-life coaching and self-awareness team that helps quarter-life and mid-life stuck professionals unlock their ‘why’ and get unstuck! We run weekend courses for all stages of career crossroads to help people reflect, in a structured and highly creative way, on their character, their skills, their unique stories and how to translate all their work experiences into finding a fulfilling career path.

“You flicked a switch! In two days I found the courage to make changes that I’d been dreaming about for years.” May 2017


Alastair Creamer

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