Product Council : Voyhoy & Royal Caribbean

Run of show: 
- 6:30 Doors Open 
 - 6:45 Networking  
- 7:05 Event Kickoff  
- 7:15 Product Council 
- 8:00 Break / Networking  
- 8:10 Product Chat
Food Provided by Sushi Maki
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Product Council Events are broken into two acts: 
Act I: For the first act, we introduce a startup who’s there to ask for product advice and feedback from the council. The council consists of three (3) experienced product owners who serve as an anchor for the ensuing conversations. In this instance, the product council and audience provide a product owner valuable feedback on their product.
Featured speaker: Jake Moskovitz, Co-Founder & CEO, VoyHoy
Act II: The second act introduces a more established business who’s product owner is given an opportunity to showcase a particular product or feature they feel their product team has executed particularly well. In this scenario, the audience is provided with valuable product learnings through the experience of another product owner. Note: There are occasions where we have product makers come give talks about various themes related to product development, management or design. 
Featured Speaker: Chetan Patel, Sr. Innovation & Strategist for Shipboard technology, Royal Caribbean

- - -   
Product Council Panel: 
Moderator: Fernando Delgado, Founder & CEO, La Tienda Venezolana
Jenny Ramirez, Director of Products and New Enablers, Visa

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