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Loginno Granted Patent on Scale-less Weighing of Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

Loginno Founder Amit Aflalo

Loginno Founder Amit Aflalo

Loginno Founder Shachar Tal

Loginno Founder Shachar Tal

Patented technology allows shippers to comply with SOLAS VGM requirements; creating effortless weighing of shipping containers without the need to use scales.

shippers and shipping companies who are entering a partnership with us, will have access to this unique technology among many others; a true advantage of the Contopia technology and business model”
— Shachar Tal, Loginno Founder
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, December 12, 2019 / -- In July 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued a mandatory requirement to weigh all shipping containers and provide accurate VGMs (Verified Gross Mass), as a part of the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulation. The SOLAS VGM regulation tackles the problem of inaccurate weight estimations, which presents a real safety risk due to improper container stowage onboard vessels.

Since 2016, the shipping industry has been struggling with this requirement, as physically weighing every shipping container requires significant efforts and costly, space-consuming scales.

Loginno's now-patented technology, however, will make traditional ways obsolete; providing accurate weighing of smart shipping containers as the new standard, without the need for any external equipment.

Says Amit Aflalo, Loginno Founder: “Loginno remains committed to bringing to the market the most advanced technological container fleet digitalization solution out there. We have already successfully demonstrated a self-sustaining "brain" for a shipping container, and are now moving on to several more unique and exciting features of our container brain, that are exclusive to Loginno and Contopia, like the now patented scale-less SOLAS VGM weighing.”

Loginno is focusing on creating Contopia (Container Utopia) - a world where every shipping container is real-time IoT connected. Earlier this year, Loginno led a globally renowned, all-star initiative to select one shipping company, whose entire container fleet will be digitalized. The selected winning shipping company, Brazilian Log-In Logistica (BVMF: LOGN3) was announced on June 6th, 2019 and will be the world's first truly digital shipping company. Now it seems that Log-in Logistica will also be the first shipping company to offer Loginno’s unique SOLAS VGM weighing service; bringing even more value to their customers and partners.

The newly granted patent joins a portfolio of Contopia patents already recognized by the market. Most notably, the use of a shipping container vent cover for theft detection, theft prevention, and logistics management.

Says Shachar Tal, Loginno Founder: ‎‎"This patent allowance of Loginno's scale-less weighing feature is what many of our stakeholders are waiting for. Effortlessly weighing shipping containers had become a necessity and we are happy that Loginno and Contopia will be able to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. This also means that shippers and shipping companies who are entering a partnership with us, will have access to this unique technology among many others; a true advantage of the Contopia technology and business model”.

Loginno is now in the process of partnering with global shipping leaders to further develop and trial the technology as part of its Contopia Labs initiative.

About Loginno:
Loginno is creating Contopia (Container Utopia), the world's Internet-of-Shipping-Containers infrastructure, by partnering with shipping companies to convert entire container fleets to IoT-enabled fleets, mining cargo, and voyage data through a patented low-cost device. Contopia data unlocks countless possibilities and business models throughout the shipping container logistics chain.

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