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ModiCoin- A Cryptocurrency Trademarked in 32 Countries

ModiCoin Trademarked in 32 Countries

ModiCoin Trademarked in 32 Countries

ModiCoin, the biggest upcoming cryptocurrency is now trademarked in 32 countries.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, February 22, 2022 / -- ModiCoin has been engraving historical remarks for the progeny. It is an honor to declare that not only has it achieved proficient standards of security and privacy, but has also acquired a trademark in 32 countries. ModiCoin’s trademark speaks for itself about its reliability and trustworthiness. Like many other cryptocurrencies that prove to be a hoax, ModiCoin has spoken about it.

ModiCoin- Highlights

ModiCoin- Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry.
ModiCoin has exemplified technological advancement. The pace of furtherance in the crypto industry has taken a huge leap by this invention. The industry, where earlier was known for its uncertainty and risk, shall now be popular for ModiCoin- Stability, and Steady growth. As evident by the trademark success, ModiCoin aims to whirl the resources into a top-notch economy that is governed by the great magnitude of efficiency, traceability, transparency, and security.
ModiCoin, via its exceptionally regulated circulation in the market, also ensures steady and unmanipulated growth. The revolutionary mechanism of this cryptocurrency assures returns to its stakeholders. ModiCoin prevents hoaxes and eludes fraudulent activities because the procedure to enter the market is cautiously curated by experts.

ModiCoin’s Cautious Mechanism- Token Vesting
ModiCoin follows the standard of BEP20. Built on blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency is extremely safe. Not only ModiCoin promises, but it has also propounded a strategy of token vesting that shall help the investors achieve better returns and value of the investment. Your tokens shall be locked with Unicrypt under a linear lock for 10 months. Every month, 10% of the token shall be unlocked. The unlocked portion remains at the discretion of the investor. They can either retain it in the wallet itself or withdraw it. In this manner, value is guaranteed to the investor.

ModiCoin as a Utility Coin
Unlike other coins, ModiCoin has laid deep emphasis on the business strategy. ModiCoin aims to develop a dedicated trading platform. Along with that, ModiCoin has been announced as a utility coin. Its utility and functionality can be witnessed after 12 weeks from launch in March. Governed by strategic experts, the circulation of the cryptocurrency shall be regulated. ModiCoin can be used like any other traditional form of currency.

ModiCoin- Second Private Sale is Live
The above traits of ModiCoin make it one of the most favorite token coins in the world. Cryptocurrency has been gaining a lot of popularity in the market. It has also successfully concluded its first private sale after an overwhelming response. The second private sale of the cryptocurrency is still live. Under the privileges offered, investors can invest via Bank payments/ UPI/ wallets. The amount invested can range from 0.0046 BnB to 4.64 Bnb.

One must not miss out on such a reliable cryptocurrency. ModiCoin’s potential is unbeatable in the dimensions of the crypto industry. As envisioned, ModiCoin shall set new standards that the world will stand in awe of.

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