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Joe Blessett ask the U.S. Supreme Court to Defend the Republic pertaining to Title IV-D



Americans did not give their federal government carte blanche to create whatever laws the federal government chooses.”
— U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, U.S.A., March 9, 2022 / -- `Joe Blessett filed suit in the U.S. Supreme Court for the discriminatory nature of the Title IV-D of the Social Security Act repugnant to the U.S. Constitution. Blessett declares, “I am a free man. With the freedom granted to me by God and supported by the Bill of Rights and the United States constitution. I am a child born in this country, afforded the benefits and privileges of the United States. I am a faithful citizen allegiant to the United States and its freedoms. I do not live silent in the face of the overriding abuse and exploitation of the powers of the “servants of the people” in this Republic. The federal government and the State governments exist to serve the people of this Republic. The United States works because of the power of its people and its freedoms.”

Joe Blessett continues to declare, “I stand a simple man to defend these rights, with the most minute of resources, but with the mightiest conviction to fight for and protect the civil liberties of the United States constitution and a path that has been forged before me, time and time again. Every person has equal rights and immunities against government infringements.”

Blessett asks the U.S. Supreme Court in civil action NO. 21-999 to abide by and protect the United States Constitution as it applies to the immunity of Texas State. First, Joe Blessett gave a direct challenge to Texas’ immunity and was not defended in its proper time. Secondly, under the Supremacy Clause, Texas is operating as a renegade state, acting outside the U. S. Constitution and performing outside the Title IV-D program terms and conditions. No State should be afforded protections and immunity when operating under these conditions.

In the petition, Texas is charged with acting outside the U. S. Constitution in its application of the Title IV-D program. Texas exceeded its 10th Amendment protection established under contractual terms of the Title IV-D program.

In the petition, Texas has never provided proof or documentation to show that Blessett is enrolled in this program or private international law treaty but repeatedly has, enforced its penalties under the color of law. Texas is acting outside the U.S. Constitution when it infringes upon individual rights. The absence of another controlling legal instrument indicates as follows: a violation of procedural civil law processes, a violation of 14th amendment due process with equal protection and immunities, a violation of 10th amendment powers reserved to the people, a violation of Title IV-D spending clause protection for Texas, a violation of Uniform Commercial Code, a violation of Commerce Clause Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 and a violation of Contract Clause Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1, of the U.S. Constitution protections for individuals engaged in intrastate and interstate commerce. Under federal law 15 U.S.C. § 7001(e), Accuracy and ability to retain contracts and other records require that a contract or other record relating to a transaction in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce be in writing, in a form that is capable of being retained and accurately reproduced for later reference. Joe Blessett’s Final Divorce Decree is the controlling instrument and the contract that must be followed.

Texas is acting outside of the Title IV-D contract when Texas decides it is not going to follow the stipulations contained therein. There are existing stipulations in order to protect and comply with the U.S. Constitutional rights of the individuals. Instead, Texas' application of the Title IV-D program, disregards the explicit terms, penalties, and consequences.

These legal abuses have existed this long and widespread, as state government hides behind its State immunities, but it is not invisible to the few who have been given the gift with the powers to see and the powers to help. Texas state is infringing on the individual right and liberty of non-custodial parents in its application of the Title IV-D program.
Joe Blessett asks the U. S. Supreme Court to strike down the immunity of the Texas Title IV-D child support program. Blessett only asks the U. S. Supreme Court to abide by and protect the U. S. Constitution. Blessett asks the U. S. Supreme Court to defend the Republic. The government draws its power from its people. The faithful adherence to the U. S. Constitution guards our freedoms and strengthens the foundations of the Republic.

“The Constitution limits on the President’s power to make treaties and Congress’s power to implement treaties by preventing either from infringing on the sovereignty reserved to the states. Whether one couches this as a Tenth Amendment or a structural argument, the basic point is the people, acting in their sovereign capacity, delegated only limited powers to the federal or state government while reserving the remaining sovereign powers to the individuals.” quoting U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Harvard Law Review Forum, Limits on the Treaty Power, Jan.8. 2014. 127 Harv. L, Rev. F. 93

“Who are the good people now?”
Joe Blessett has the right to his 5th, 9th, 10th, and 14th amendment rights to enjoy his Final Divorce Decree.

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