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The World’s First Meta NFT and the Project Behind It

Funky Forest Club Mascot

Funky Forest Club Utilities

The Funky Forest Club, also known as FFC, is known for producing long-term sustainable benefits for the environments.

LONDON, ENGLAND, July 11, 2022 / -- The Funky Forest Club

The Funky Forest Club, also known as FFC, is an open-minded and friendly NFT community space. The project is known for producing long-term sustainable benefits for the environment as well as creating unique approaches to NFTs and their utilities. Currently, the project is preparing to launch their first collection which will work in tandem with the world’s first ever Meta NFT which has the unique ability to level up and change design as the project progresses. The Meta NFT acts like a membership card that helps to further develop their community-driven approach. The membership will not only allow project members to become involved in community and future collection decisions, but it will also allow FCC to create the first subscription based NFT minting system.

The Progression of The Funky Forest Club

Since their initiation in December of 2021, Funky Forest Club has successfully created a high traffic website, an active and fun Twitter account with nearly 10,000 followers, and an inclusive Discord with over 10,600 members. Additionally, the project has been able to initiate a marketing tour on several marketing channels allowing a greater influence of discord members. Currently, the project is actively working on fundamental stages as they are only one week away from their presale. By raffling off their “Early Bird” and “Free Mint” roles on discord, they’re increasing the expected buyer turnout for their initial mint. In addition to creating the perfect minting atmosphere for minting by increasing community engagement, the team is also finishing up their smart contract for the Ethereum blockchain.

The Outlaw Owl NFT Collection

The Outlaw Owl collection, the first exclusive NFT collection of the Funky Forest Club, consists of 3,700 distinct “wild west” Owl characters. The art, which is in the form of ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, has been algorithmically generated to create a selection of over 130+ unique traits. Each Owl character has a unique look such as a maverick cowboys, gold diggers, and drunken Lovefools to name a few. The project has recently announced a special deal in which Funky Forest Club members who mint a Outlaw Owl NFT, will receive a 2nd NFT for no additional charge. The second NFT, which they call their Meta NFT, serves as a VIP membership card that allows holders to receive the exclusive right to mint 7 free NFTs from future Funky Forest Club NFT Collections. Thus creating a subscription based NFT system that has not been seen before.

Utilities and Other Benefits

The project continuously highlights the following 3 qualities that make their NFT benefits, also known as their utilities, stand out above other projects. Firstly, the project has the first Meta NFT, which is a NFT that has an automatic gamification feature built into its smart contract. This means that the NFT can level up and change the design depending on the specific level of the NFT. Therefore, the official membership card of the Funky Forest Club will change design as the card becomes more involved in the community and gains more NFTs. The project also claims to have the world’s first NFT subscription service. That means that every holder of a Meta NFT will own the exclusive right to mint up to 7 NFT from their upcoming Funky Forest Club NFT collections for free. Future NFT collections will include various animals that are designed based on community voting.

Funky Forest Club also does its fair share of work in the physical world through their donation program for the Forests of the World. Protecting the forests of the world is an important aspect of the project to the core team. For this reason, the team has pledged to donate a large amount of all future Outlaw Owl sales and trading royalties to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Additionally, the team is collaborating with the Plant-for-the-Planet-Foundation, to have a tree planted for every minted Outlaw Owl.

There are more utilities in connection to their upcoming collection which includes a membership that is independent of the Funky Forest Club collections which will result in fewer fluctuations and a stronger community. The project has also adopted a community growth mindset that estimates an exponential increase in members as more collections are released. The collection promises a high return on investment through the utilities mentioned above as well as continuous giveaways in which up to 24 ETH may be given away. Finally, through the unprecedented membership system, Funky Forest Club has created an open future where members have the opportunity to vote to guide the project into the best possible direction.

To learn more about Funky Forest Club and their upcoming presale, visit their website.

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