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How Sonny Capital Group Used Land To Redefine Investing

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 8, 2022 / -- Recognizing the looming economic downturn and rising costs, many people these days are fleeing the stock, crypto, and other uncertain investment markets. So, how can accredited investors earn a stable return on their investment without fluctuation and nondependent on the market conditions? Sonny Capital Group came up with the perfect solution. Founded by William Goldberg and Paul Hersko, it aims to provide investors a more secure and sustainable investment option as an asset, by backing up funding with land and notes receivable.

Chicago born and raised, both Willie and Paul have significant experience in real estate, specifically in the land selling business. Working for prominent financial services companies such as Jefferies and Wells Fargo, Willie started his career as an investment banker. In 2017, after successfully dabbling in alternative real estate acquisitions for some time, he took on land flipping and discovered the huge potential that vacant land investing offers. Willie's first company, WG Lands, was successful from the get-go. WG Lands later rebranded to Discount Lots when he partnered up with Paul and they took the company to the next level.

Paul earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Entrepreneurial Management and in 2016, he started his first eCommerce business. It took off immediately and saw its sales reach seven figures in the first year. With expertise in marketing, sales, and growth, he decided to team up with Willie and put the same principles into a new real estate venture. They launched Discount Lots and managed to skyrocket the $16 million in invested capital into over $50 million in assets!

This investment fund essentially operates and grows by simply buying cash-flowing assets (receivables and land) from Discount Lots at a discount. The assets perform favorably no matter the state of the current market or any defaulting on a contract because Sonny Group Capital ensures that any underlying land parcel ends up being resold on similar terms. The best part is that there’s no need to wait for property values to increase for the investment to pay off.

For investors, vacant land has numerous benefits and opportunities. Yet, the vacant land market is gravely underserved. With banks declining to lend money for vacant land investments under $50,000 or to buyers that don’t have plans to build on it immediately, there are limited opportunities for real estate investors interested in raw land. Even the realtors aren’t incentivized to sell vacant land for less than $50,000 due to low commission for work value. This is where Discount Lots fills the gap by selling owned properties online with financing. That way, customers are buying land easily and paying for it in monthly installments without having to go through credit checks.

In order to scale faster, Discount Lots is utilizing capital to enhance the purchasing amounts of land and fuel growth. Then they can sell their receivables at a discount to market value to Sonny Capital Group. With Discount Lots selling a bigger number of plots and land, it’s actually creating passive income for the accredited investors of the fund.

Sonny Capital Group offers a fixed preferred ROI of 8% - 10%, depending on the investment amount. The diversified collateral backing the investment includes sold notes receivable, unsold land, and loans to an operating entity. Investors will have no property acquisition fees, asset management fees, or syndication fees. In addition to collateral security, investors will enjoy a diversified portfolio, passive income, attractive risk-adjusted returns, and a low investment-to-value ratio when investing in Sonny Capital Group.

The fund already has more than $16 million invested in it over the course of the last three years by over 30 investors and paid $2 million in returns to capital investors. Additionally, it has a substantial cash flow created from the existing land note portfolio and low current leverage levels due to the high margin profile on sales. The land prices are guaranteed to remain consistent in any environment, which means that you have total control over the investment, knowing exactly where your money is going and how it grows safely. Invest today and you’ll get a predictable 8% - 10% projected return while retaining full control of your investment!

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