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YOL Announces Financial Wellbeing Initiatives

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Leader in corporate learning adds to its suite of wellbeing programs for employees

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, February 14, 2023 / -- YOL, a leading corporate learning and wellbeing company, announced the launch of a suite of financial wellbeing learning experiences designed to help leaders, managers, and individual contributors combat the stress associated with financial anxiety. The programs will be offered in partnership with Graddha LLC, a Mill Valley, CA-based coaching firm dedicated to promoting human connection, empowerment, and creativity by understanding wealth in it all its forms.

“There has been a void in the employee wellbeing marketplace for a comprehensive solution that addresses each of the components of holistic wellbeing – Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social, Purpose-Centered, and Financial, “ said David Cherner, co-founder and CEO of YOL. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Graddha to round out our wellbeing portfolio and begin to address one of the most significant drivers of employee stress today.”

The first offering, Fundamentals of Financial Wellbeing: Cultivating a Healthy Financial Mindset, will be taught by the program’s creators, Marlis Jansen, MA, a licensed psychotherapist, and Kjartan Jansen, CFA, a Chartered Financial Analyst from Graddha LLC. Focused on building employees’ awareness around their relationship with money, the program is based on the Graddha’s proprietary HEARTS model:

● Heritage (Family and cultural factors)
● Empathy (listening skills and humility)
● Action (financial care for self and others)
● Responsibility (financial obligations)
● Trust (emotional and financial safety)
● Stewardship (leveraging financial impact beyond ourselves)

A self-directed program and a deeper, cohort-based exploration of the human side of money and wealth will follow. Expected outcomes for participants include:

1. An understanding of the fundamental elements of financial wellbeing
2. An overview of the human biases that affect our financial behavior (behavioral finance)
3. An understanding of their own relationship with money

“Money stress has pervasive impact on every professional and personal choice we make in life. Ultimately, being financially well allows us to be more purposeful, productive and happy, “ said Marlis Jansen, partner with Graddha LLC. She added, “It is exciting to see forward-thinking employers demand additional knowledge-based resources for their employees beyond traditional benefits and EAP programs.”

According to the recently released 2022 Workforce Trends Report by Gallagher, the global benefits firm, 77% of Americans are anxious about their financial situation and employers are well positioned to help. “The focus on financial wellbeing has increased as economic conditions have become less favorable to budgets, safety nets, and long-term savings goals,” observed Gallagher. “Employers must holistically address all elements of wellbeing to compete successfully on culture. The formula for improving and sustaining financial health is offering choice and flexibility through a variety of options that educate and empower employees to make more confident financial decisions. As the workforce benefits, so does the organization.”

YOL’s financial wellbeing programs will be offered individually and bundled as part of a comprehensive, holistic employee wellbeing package that includes other YOL programs focused on mindfulness, resilience, stress reduction, movement, purpose/impact, and connection/belonging.

About YOL
A social impact company founded in 2014 and headquartered in California, YOL’s cohort-based programs combine wellbeing training, mindfulness and resilience training, and service engagement as a foundation for highly impactful leadership development.
Drawing on evidence-based science, YOL’s programs are offered online, offline, hybrid, on-site and off-site, and designed to elevate compassion, performance, and productivity. Companies work with YOL to successfully address burnout and stress; accelerate the development of high-potential talent; align diverse and distributed teams for success; and prepare the next generation of women and diverse talent in leadership, among other use cases. Learn more at

About Graddha LLC
Graddha is a wealth dynamics practice founded and led by husband-and-wife team Marlis and Kjartan Jansen. Bringing together more than forty years’ of experience in human health, psychology, and finance, Graddha strives to promote human connection, empowerment, and creativity by understanding wealth in all its forms. Graddha serves individuals, couples, families, and family offices to address the impact of wealth on relationships as well as personal and professional ambitions, all in service of helping people live more joyful and purposeful lives. Learn more at

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