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Going Digital: Indore Startup Rickshawpedia Brings a Revolutionary Concept of Auto-Rickshaw Video Advertising

Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Get a ride, get informed: Rickshawpedia brings video-based advertising to Indore's auto-rickshaws

Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Enhancing the ride experience: Rickshawpedia's video ads offer informative and entertaining content to passengers

INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA, May 17, 2023/ -- Rickshawpedia, an Indore-based startup of auto rickshaw video advertising, increased its expansion and installed a 10-inch android device in more than 1000 autos. Rickshawpedia is funded by Prabal and Sumit, who intend to expand it to additional locations in the future. The cash will go towards growing the startup's presence in Indore ads.

Rickshawpedia was started by Prabal Raverkar and Sumit Kaushal, and it presently has more than 50 members in a team. Rickshawpedia facilitates interaction between companies and customers by offering video-based advertising inside the auto-rickshaws in Indore. They accomplish this with the use of android devices that are mounted in the auto-rickshaws in front of the driver seat and show feature-rich material audio-video advertisements, and adverts that are geo-located-triggered.

Rickshawpedia is able to gather a lot of data using this method and, based on how various users engage with the android device, inform advertisers on the most effective video advertisements. Additionally, the firm is able to increase auto-rickshaw owners' income by 10% to 15%. The environment for startups in India keeps growing and setting new standards.

Prabal said that adding "touch" through android devices and its backend analytics creates a box of opportunities that aid in the improvement of the content that advertisers provide. He stated:

“With Rickshawpedia, users have the ability to trace a campaign's whole lifespan in terms of where it is shown. Additionally, brands can increase their reach to the local audience. Increased ROI from this.”

According to Sumit, the android device has an intelligent combination of local and web content that is made as per the specifications. Rickshawpedia's present goals call for quick growth in the market, and in the long run they intend to target taxis and public transportation, where they can place interactive dynamic video advertisements.

It would be fascinating to watch what additional features and integrations Rickshawpedia ads in the future since they now target the auto-rickshaws of Indore.

Prabal said, "The only option in today's digital world is to re-invent. Agility is the only consistent superiority you can have over others. So when we started our plan we had received a lot of positive feedback because it is a concept which is unique and different. So it’s the first advertisement in Indore.

Sounds Incredible?

When it comes to high-end businesses, image always comes first. Rickshaws' back posters are viewed as low-quality types of cheap advertising. However, rickshaws are a useful platform for a regionally distributed, mass-marketed audience, and they can be made even more effective by investing in their overall aesthetic. A further advantage of Rickshawpedia is efficient tracking. The proper statistics of running advertisements can now be tracked, and you can also keep tabs on the customers who frequently use the auto rickshaw video advertisement.

A 10-inch android device installed inside the auto-rickshaw to promote the companies in the neighbourhood, was unveiled in Indore earlier this month. To guarantee a pleasant ride, Indore auto rickshaw riders will get brief, snappy, and easy-to-read video advertisements.

Inside the Rickshaw Thoughts

Since the passenger is actually a highly valuable resource, much more can be done inside rickshaws, where their full advertising potential is still untapped. What other forms of media provide for continuous connection with users from various social groups during intervals of between 15 and an hour, and occasionally much longer?

Customers can view the video advertisement while traveling and, if they find it intriguing, submit a message.

“The time it will take to interact with millions of people riding in thousands of rickshaws over several minutes will make the effort worthwhile for grow your businesses and trying to promote locally.” CEO of Rickshawpedia Prabal Raverkar

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